The Age of AI-assisted Business Is Here

Even people living under rocks have heard of ChatGPT by now, and it’s no secret it’s a complete game changer. When it comes to certain tasks that can greatly benefit your business, it’s absurd how much time and energy it can save when checking things off your to-do list.

How can you take advantage of the AI revolution as a business owner? Here’s some simple ways you can add ChatGPT into your business’ workflow right now.

Generate More Marketing Opportunities – And Execute On Them!

The most obvious application – and the place where you’re seeing the widest use of ChatGPT’s current functionality – is marketing.

Simply put, ChatGPT is a game-changer in this space, as it allows you to create marketing materials more quickly than ever before – allowing for more efficient deployment of resources from your marketing department.

Better Content, Faster

ChatGPT enables businesses to produce high-quality written content faster than ever before.

From blog posts and product descriptions to social media updates and email campaigns, the AI-driven language model can generate drafts quickly, maintaining a consistent brand voice and freeing up resources for other tasks.

It’s EXTREMELY important, however, to understand that ChatGPT is not the end-all, be-all when it comes to creating content. While it can create a good rough draft, it still takes a human hand to polish it and fix any areas that are strange and odd (like hands in AI-generated photographs! They’re weird!).

And if Google or other search engines classify your content as AI-generated, you will face less favorable judgment from the algorithm when someone searches for your topic or company. Make sure you’re using ChatGPT to help you, not do all the work for you – because it will fail.

Automate Your Content Management And Improve SEO

By integrating ChatGPT into content management systems, businesses can automate the optimization of metadata like title tags and meta descriptions to improve search engine visibility for your company.

Additionally, the AI model can be used to automatically suggest improvements to existing content, ensuring it remains relevant and engaging to your audience, especially with SEO in mind. ChatGPT has a robust understanding of search engine optimization, so it can help you greatly in identifying and taking advantage of those opportunities.

This is a great way to streamline the hours and days of digging through data manually to find the most important and relevant keywords to your business, and how to organize those keywords to reach your audience more effectively.

Content Brainstorming and Scheduling

Finally, ChatGPT can be great at helping brainstorm and create content calendars. It can generate fully-fleshed-out calendars with suggested content for each day in the calendar – saving you a ton of time and energy trying to generate topics and arrange them.

This is a great way to quickly and effectively give shape and direction to your content marketing strategy in a shorter timeframe, with less effort from you. Win-win here, folks.

Make Customer Service More Efficient

AI chatbots like ChatGPT can also augment your current customer service by automating responses to routine inquiries, reducing response times, and delivering consistent support.

Business IT firm Gartner’s survey on virtual customer assistants reported that 51% of organizations have already reported a reduction in customer effort due to AI-powered chatbots.

By reducing friction between your company and your customer, you can easily see increased returns on every dollar you spend on things like CRO and email marketing, as there are fewer obstacles for the customer to go through.

Creating a few templates in ChatGPT is simple and quick. Simply gather a list of your most frequently asked customer service questions and you can automate out responses from there.

ChatGPT Can Make Meetings Easier

ChatGPT can be utilized to summarize lengthy documents or meeting notes, so your employees can quickly identify and understand what’s important from a long, drawn-out meeting.

Nobody wants to trawl through a Zoom transcript that runs 6 hours from an all-hands, so just get ChatGPT to generate a transcript for you, so then have it summarize the important points that you can then send off to your whole org.

You can also put in your own notes and have it re-write and re-arrange it in a way that is easier to read and easier to share. Then you can pop it in an email or your Slack channel, or whatever, so your employees or team members can understand what YOU found important.

Limitations of ChatGPT

It’s important to note that ChatGPT is far from perfect and its functionalities are extremely limited at this time, in comparison to how sophisticated and useful it will be in say, 2-3 years.

Here are a few things ChatGPT struggles with. By knowing these limitations you can successfully identify the areas that need work and use a human hand to make sure they’re perfect.

  • Old Data: ChatGPT’s data sources end circa 2021, so if you’re covering a topic that occurred in the last two years, ChatGPT is going to be useless. This can be especially troubling for new businesses.
  • AI Content Detectors: With the rise of ChatGPT comes the rise of content detectors. Search engines like Google are developing robust ways to recognize AI-created content, and de-ranking websites that they see as created by artificial intelligence.
  • Creativity: While ChatGPT is certainly a robust piece of software, it’s still not creative in the way humans can be. It can tend to be repetitive or regurgitate information when creating content, so don’t expect it to solve your problems for you. In its current form, it’s just a tool – it won’t think for you.

There’s No Reason Not To Use ChatGPT For Businesses

At this point, there’s no logical explanation for NOT using ChatGPT in some aspects of your business.

Sure, it can seem overwhelming, but give it a chance. Get in there and play around a bit. It’s actually pretty easy to learn – you just ask it simple questions and tasks you would normally ask Siri or the like.

With all the benefits it can provide, in terms of saving you tons of time and effort, you have to get on that ChatGPT train or get left behind.