Within the Information Technology world, the news and information website MSPmentor is the ultimate global resource for all things managed services. The site contains both tools and resources for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) as well as those looking to bid various MSPs for their services. MSPmentor also compiles a global list of 501 of the world’s best managed service providers, ranking firms by their business acumen alongside their service quality, transparency, and overall relevance. 2017 marks the 10-year anniversary of MSPmentor’s Top 501 list – a huge milestone for both the site and the industry.

Fantastic IT is proud to announce that they have made MSPMentor’s Top 501 list in 2017, for the fifth consecutive year. Over the years, the qualifications to make the Top 501 have gotten more stringent and difficult to achieve. “As a provider of finely-tailored managed services, custom cloud setups, network solutions, backup, business continuity, and more, we’re honored to be recognized as a firm that raises the bar for our clients” said company Founder and President Tom Rowe. MSPmentor ranks providers on a revenue stream matrix that weighs the importance of revenue earned in the following areas: Cloud Services, Managed Services, IT Consulting, Hardware/Software Reselling, Professional CTO Services.

Industry Trends

As a whole, the companies that comprise the 2017 MSPmentor 501 list amassed over $14 billion dollars in combined revenue, coming in 15% higher than 2016 figures. Revenue wasn’t the only thing to see some healthy growth – the number of full-time employees retained by MSPs also jumped. In 2016, the MSPmentor 501 list reported 37,487 total employees; in 2017 that number made a 12% jump to 41,915 full-time employees.

So what do these trends mean for the managed service industry as a whole? Two words…growth and exposure. Based on the increase in revenue and total employees, the MSP industry is charging ahead at full steam. As more and more business owners warm up to the idea of outsourcing their IT operations, the more questions they will have. Managed Service Providers like Fantastic IT that take great strides to not only land their client, but also educate them in plain English are poised for brand exposure that will lead to growth.

What This Means For Fantastic IT in the Future

In today’s fast-paced, digital business environments, MSPs like Fantastic IT play a key role in helping companies develop and integrate both new and old technologies without destroying their budgets or losing focus on their core operations. Fantastic IT has a unique perspective in the MSP market – they’ve been around for years, earning multiple MSPmentor awards for excellent service in the past. Their team has grown over the years, adding competencies and technologies that reflect the evolution of IT as it intersects with modern business.

This year’s MSPmentor list focuses on the importance of true managed services and cloud services, two huge profit centers for managed service providers. As we all live in the age of connectivity and device proliferation, industry standouts like Fantastic IT are also developing strong tech strategies that take advantage of mobile device growth. Interestingly, this new 2017 MSPmentor list featuring updated evaluation criteria shows just how important the managed service model is when it comes to small to medium sized businesses. Fantastic IT prides itself on becoming an organic extension of their client’s operations, solving real-world problems with the right combination of proactive care and reliable support.

Want to learn more about how Fantastic IT’s core managed service offerings can transform your business IT? Check out why managed services just make sense in 2017: https://fantasticit.com/our-services-solutions/