Occasionally, we meet with business owners and executives who grumble just a little at the idea of having to pay for outsourced IT services. The technology they need to run their businesses costs enough by itself, they tell us, so how should they feel about paying someone else to make it run smoothly?

We can understand this line of thinking. It’s never easy to add another invoice or agreement to the pile. But at the same time, what’s lacking is a bit of perspective. Great IT services aren’t a cost, they are an investment. In other words, they pay for themselves again and again over time.

Feeling skeptical? A lot of new clients are until they see what we can do for them. Here are just a few of the reasons you can actually save money by hiring the right IT provider…

You’ll Get More From the Technology You’ve Invested In

It isn’t unusual for us to start working with a new company and discover that, even though they’ve invested heavily in hardware, software, and mobile devices, most of that tech isn’t being used correctly. Or to be more accurate, that a lot of the features hidden within the tools and devices aren’t being utilized.

That’s because you and your team can’t all be experts in technology. However, a good IT partner can assess what you already have and help you to get more mileage from it. That’s like getting brand-new technology without spending a dime on fresh equipment or renewing your software subscriptions.

Fewer IT Problems Mean Greater Productivity

Many businesses suffer from what we would call chronic IT failures. These are usually issues that don’t cripple a business but cause lots of tiny headaches and delays over time. Things like missing emails, printers that go offline, and poor internet connectivity all qualify.

These are also the kinds of problems a good IT partner can find solutions to very quickly. And, when the issues disappear, productivity goes up. Business owners, executives, and employees no longer find themselves performing inefficient workarounds. Customers are no longer inconvenienced. Everybody’s doing more, and the whole team is in a better mood.

We Can Help Protect You From Disasters and Bad Investments

Even if the first two points didn’t convince you of the value of having a strong IT partner, the potential for future disasters and losses should.

Most companies don’t realize just how close they are to a major IT issue. In addition to earthquakes, fires, and floods, smaller events like power surges and simple employee errors can all wipe out hard drives, servers, and backups within seconds. In moments like those, you’ll either have a good IT team on your side, or you’ll really wish you had hired one.

On the other side of the coin, a committed IT partner can help you review your upcoming planned investments. In particular, they can stop you from buying technology that doesn’t work, that isn’t a good fit for your business model or those duplicates solutions you’ve purchased in the past. They may even be able to find free tools that work just as well. American businesses lose billions every year on unnecessary technology costs. Why throw away money you don’t have to spend?

Good IT Saves Money

If you’ve been thinking about hiring an outsourced IT team but worry about the cost, our advice would be to choose the right provider. Like an accountant, a good IT vendor can help you save money, month after month and year after year. When you consider they can do that while taking away some of your biggest tech headaches at the same time, it’s easy to see why good IT help is a win-win arrangement for everyone involved.

Want to learn more about using good IT to make your company run more smoothly and improve the bottom line? Contact us today for a free consultation to see how we can help.