There are certain things in life you shouldn’t ever ignore. Toothaches and chest pains fall into this category, for example. Shifting your mind to other things might make you feel better in the short term, but each one points at a bigger issue that will eventually have to be reckoned with in a more painful way if you put things off.

While IT problems might not be quite as sharp or serious as the examples we have outlined above, you should give them due consideration. Because in the same way, little warning signs today can turn into much more serious concerns later if they go unresolved.

To help you understand why you shouldn’t ignore seemingly minor technology problems, let’s take a look at a few common issues and their deeper importance…

IT Problems That Often Get Overlooked

How many of these nuisances have you or your staff endured in the past few months?

  •       Networks that go offline, making your email, phone, and web connections useless
  •       Printers and other devices that constantly give errors out of the blue
  •       Computer crashes that occur when certain programs are opened, or drives are accessed
  •       Slow performance on office computers or mobile devices
  •       Missing or corrupted files that won’t open and can’t be recovered from backup devices
  •       Workstations that “blink” on and off following a power surge or failure
  •       SPAM and viruses that seem to pop up again and again

We could probably add another dozen items to this list, but the point is that there are lots of little signs of trouble that business owners and managers tend to put aside. They start and restart computers, or develop little workarounds, all because they don’t want to confront the underlying issue. It could be that it doesn’t seem big enough to worry about, or that they just don’t want to spend money on finding a solution, but the warning signs go ignored.

How Small Problems Lead to Larger Crises

There are two big problems with ignoring these kinds of IT problems. The first is that they sap productivity for you and your team, forcing you to wait or work around problems instead of focusing on your core responsibilities. That time adds up, and costs your company more money than you probably realize.

The second problem is that many of these minor issues aren’t so minor; they are actually warning signs that a piece of technology is about to fail. And when it does, you could be facing expensive repairs, data loss, or hardware replacement. That’s when the real bills and costs start to add up.

Start Getting Better IT Care Today

In technology, like all the other parts of life, it’s better to be proactive in dealing with minor issues than it is to wait for them to become bigger problems. Don’t let small IT headaches slow down your productivity today and lead to huge unexpected expenses tomorrow. Talk with an established technology vendor about an affordable managed services program that offers you the proactive maintenance and upkeep your business needs to keep running smoothly.

The team at Fantastic IT is built to provide friendly, professional service. Why not schedule an appointment today so we can review your hardware and software and start giving you the proactive technology care you