So, when you evaluate 2021, how would you say your IT strategy worked out?

A lot of the business owners and CEOs we talk to don’t know how to formulate an answer to this question. With that in mind, it might help to break things down into a few different categories.

Did Your Technology Meet the Company’s Functional Needs?
This is the most basic way to evaluate your business technology strategy, but it’s critically important. If your hardware and software don’t do the things you need them to, then what are you really paying for? And how is that affecting other parts of your business?

At a minimum you want to know that the hardware and software you invest in are helping you reach your business goals, if not moving you toward bigger ones.

Did It Seem Like Your IT Costs Were Reasonable and Predictable?
Functionality is important, but so is the bottom line. It’s never good to go over budget for hardware, software, or even outsourced IT support. Things get even worse if you are overspending and still receiving lackluster results.

You might not ever be able to get away with cutting your technology budgets down to a level that makes you happy, but you should at least have predictability in your spending. And, you should feel sure that the money you are putting aside for tech is helping you cut costs or increase earnings.

Were There Any Nagging IT Issues That Wouldn’t Go Away?
This can be harder to categorize, but it’s still important. That’s partly because lingering technology problems can be a sign of bigger issues to come in the future. However, it can also be an indication that you aren’t getting the level of service and support you need from in-house employees or outsourced specialists.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t be dealing with outages or error codes on a consistent basis. If you are, it’s a sign that you have an issue with either your equipment or your personnel.

How Did You Do in Relation to Those Three Questions?
As a rule of thumb, if you did well in the three areas we have outlined then your IT strategy was – and probably is – in good shape. If you came up short in one or more then this might be the right time to make some adjustments so 2022 doesn’t go off track in the same way.

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