There are a lot of things that make the IT industry unique. For instance, things can change quickly any time you’re working with tech. And, because every business and situation are different, there is a constant need to think creatively. Finally, companies like ours offer service that our customers don’t always understand as well as they would like.

Add it all together and you have the makings of a business that isn’t quite like any other. At the same time, though, the regular rules of business still apply. The best IT providers adhere to proven principles of customer service and competition.

In other words, IT is unique but it’s not so unique that you should ignore best practices or accepted pieces of wisdom. Why does this matter to you as a business owner or executive? Because some technology providers are ignoring certain aspects of their companies (and hoping you will, too).

To help you understand what we’re getting at, let’s see how IT is and isn’t different from other services…

Technical Skills and Certifications Matter
Naturally, this is the part of the equation that makes IT different. It isn’t just that much of our work tends to be technical and intensive – it’s that the knowledge base of our industry is always growing, and every situation is unique.

What that means to you on a practical level is that your tech support vendor should have all the training and certifications necessary to tackle your problems quickly. If they don’t, then they can’t serve you at a high level and keep your company running smoothly. That creates all kinds of additional issues you don’t want to deal with.

Some IT companies (and small in-house departments) will try to get by without having the right training or personnel. It might not seem like a big deal in the short-term, but it’s almost bound to lead to problems later. You don’t want a doctor or lawyer who didn’t have the right degree, so don’t settle for a tech vendor without the proper certifications to work on your hardware and software.

But You Should Still Expect the Basics of Service and Value
While tending to the “technology” part of IT might be important, it doesn’t make other parts of the business go away. In other words, having a vendor who can work with your hardware and software doesn’t give them the right to ignore service calls or charge higher-than-normal rates.

We run into these sorts of issues all the time. New clients contact us every week because they are fed up with the service they get from another IT vendor. They aren’t concerned about their ability to install applications or diagnose network issues; rather they are upset because the company they are working with isn’t handling billing, contracts, or customer care very well.

It’s easy to brush off these kinds of problems if you’ve had trouble finding a good IT partner in the past. Never fall for the trap of thinking that your tech vendor is irreplaceable. There is lots of competition in our industry and any provider you work with should be working hard to keep winning your business year after year.

Want More From Your IT Provider?
Feel like you should be getting more from your IT budget? Does your current provider not give you the level of service or technical expertise you need? In either case, this could be the perfect time to speak to the experts at Fantastic IT to see how we can help going forward. Contact us today!