We feel safe in saying that there is one thing all business owners, CEOs, and executives hate. No matter how big their firms are or what kind of technology they use, all of them dread having to call for emergency IT support in a crisis.

There are many reasons to despise those calls. For one thing, they normally tend to occur when things are going really wrong. On top of that, an IT emergency normally means that staff members aren’t working, that communications are down, or that sales can’t be made. And of course, there is the fact that bringing in a tech specialist after hours or overnight can cost a small fortune.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could say goodbye to those problems forever?

Why Unexpected and Emergency IT Calls Cost so Much
Emergency IT costs can be a huge drain on your bottom line, not to mention your sanity. Not only are you paying big money for a team of experts to diagnose and repair your issue, but they may charge extra to show up during a holiday, evening, or weekend (it seems like IT emergencies never happen during normal business hours).

That’s cash coming straight out of your business. It gets even worse if they have to replace hardware or do something that makes it hard for you and your team to work and generate revenue. Who needs that kind of stress, especially when these problems can seem to pop up out of nowhere?

A Better Way to Manage IT
No, IT vendor can guarantee that you’ll never have problems with your technology again, but what we can do is set you up with a managed services agreement. That’s a contract that allows us to give you all the support you need for a fixed monthly or quarterly fee.

With a managed services agreement in place you can accurately budget IT support costs months into the future. Your service provider, on the other hand, can be proactive with preventative repairs and upgrades. They can also provide network monitoring and other “extras” that help you identify potential problems before they actually affect your employees or operations.

In other words, a managed services agreement lets you trade the unpredictability of unknown bills and IT emergencies for regular invoicing and performance. It’s a way to make your company more stable and productive all at once. The only catch? You need to be sure you engage the right IT company if you’re going to get a good deal.

Let Us Help With Managed Services
The business owners and executives who struggle with IT all have something in common: they haven’t found the right managed services vendor yet.

At Fantastic IT, we give our clients the best in pricing, service, and technical expertise – and we have the positive reviews to back it up. If you’re interested in getting that kind of attention from your managed services partner, contact us today so we can schedule a free consultation for you and your team!