As you’d expect, lots of new clients turn to us because they want better IT care. That means fewer problems with their hardware networks, not to mention faster response times. Some just want friendlier tech specialists to work with. If you’ve ever worked with an unpleasant vendor then you’ll understand why.

All of this probably seems predictable. However, what you might not expect is that there are also business owners and executives who turn to us because they feel like their IT budgets are out of control. They know they are spending too much, but aren’t sure where it’s going or what their budgets will look like from one quarter to the next.

That leads us to an interesting question: what do you do when your biggest tech problem is financial rather than functional? How do you get things back under control?

It’s tough to give a quick answer without knowing about each individual situation, of course, but here are some steps you should begin with…

Start by Making Your IT Expenses Predictable
We are huge proponents of managed services agreements. Not only do they let us proactively solve IT problems, but they make your monthly or quarterly billing cycles predictable. It’s always easier to keep your business on track when you know what you’ll be paying for essential services, so why not take the step and even out your cash flow?

Look for Ways to Cut Back on Unnecessary Costs
Usually, when new clients come to us and say they are paying too much for technology it’s because they have a lot of unnecessary items in their annual budget. You might be paying for software subscriptions, hardware upgrades, or duplicate services (to name a few common examples) that you don’t actually need. We can help you find them.

See if You Can Recoup Some Investments
In extreme cases, you might look for ways to sell used equipment that no longer has any value to your company. Doing so brings in cash, cuts off future maintenance expenses, and can even free up physical space within your business. This is a big step, but it can sometimes be necessary to bring your bottom line back into focus.

Find the Right Balance Between Costs and Advantages
Of course, the most important thing you can do is take the right approach moving forward. That means having an IT partner who will work with you to scrutinize potential investments to see if they offer the right balance between costs and benefits. In other words, you should be maximizing your tech budget, not being persuaded to spend on hardware and software you don’t really need.

Are You Getting the IT Service You Need and Deserve?
Your managed services provider should put the needs of your business first. If you feel like you haven’t been getting the right level of service and advice – or if you’re paying too much for what you are getting – we want to hear from you. 

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