You don’t have to spend much time on our blog to know that we are big proponents of managed services agreements – monthly or quarterly plans that let you pay a predictable rate for proactive IT. These arrangements help you avoid huge and unexpected tech support invoices while also making it so you can get better support at whatever level you need.

However, one question that sometimes comes to us from established managed services clients is how can you go beyond a managed IT plan. What’s next, or possibly better?

The first answer is to choose a managed services agreement with the right vendor. That is, you want to be working with a team that will not only get to know you and your business but also put your priorities first. In fact, we think that’s why our business has gone through such explosive growth.

Getting past that, there are essentially two “next level” managed IT packages to consider. Let’s take a look at each one.

Two Additional IT Packages for Your Business

Of course, not every business owner or executive needs something more than a standard managed services agreement from a reliable provider. If you are looking to level up, though, here are two additional services to consider:

Managed Security – Managed security is another form of ongoing IT care that focuses on things like virus protection and data security. It’s becoming a bigger and bigger part of our industry, and is especially important in industries where things like financial details or health records are being stored and exchanged.

Essentially, managed security is a way for you to outsource the protection you need to a trained team that looks after all your data and servers 24/7. That means you have all the tools you need, updated continuously, along with staff looking after your business. And of course, you get it all without having to hire full-time employees.

Virtual CIO – A virtual CIO, or chief information officer, is a knowledgeable professional who steps in and serves as your technology executive on an as-needed basis. So, you get the benefit of an experienced advisor with the right skills and training but not the salary and benefits package that would normally come with hiring one.

A virtual CIO is perfect when you need to make big decisions or set certain parts of your business strategy, but can’t afford the six-figure salary needed to hire someone with the right training and certifications.

Both managed security and virtual CIO packages can be extraordinarily valuable. They fit in with an existing managed services package, of course, and can help you make your company more efficient over time.

Need Help Finding the Right Mix of Services for Your Company?

Feeling confused about the blurry lines between managed services and managed security? Want to know how you could take advantage of a virtual CIO, or perhaps get an IT vendor working with your existing tech staff? Just want to figure out what kind of plan you need to keep your business running smoothly?

We can help you answer all these questions and do so in a way that fits your plans and budget. To get started, simply contact Fantastic IT today to schedule a free consultation.