As we have mentioned in the past, one of the top complaints business owners have about IT budgeting is that it can seem so unpredictable. It’s difficult to forecast future tech expenses when you don’t know what will be coming out, which of your existing devices might break or fail, and how your technology budget will be affected by future business plans.

While there might never be a perfectly accurate IT budget, however, there are some steps you can take (along with your managed services provider) to make this part of your bottom line a lot more predictable. Let’s look at a few of the simple steps you can follow to remove some of the blind spots from your forecasted spending…

Plan Your Device Upgrades in Advance
You might not necessarily know when the next iPhone or Android is going to come out, but you can decide when you’re going to buy them for your team. Often, it makes more sense – both financially and in terms of stability – to wait a few months on device upgrades. That can give you a chance to factor it in your budget while early users work out the kinks.

Switch to a Subscription Software Model
We still run into dozens of business owners every year who are used to paying big money for software upgrades. Usually, they are paying for multiple licenses on major software suites (like accounting or productivity software), although this can also apply to industry-specific applications. In most cases, you can switch to a cloud subscription model that isn’t just less expensive but is also far more predictable.

Get a Managed Services Agreement
Probably the biggest unexpected IT expense you are likely to run into as a business owner is paying for unexpected repairs or service. Those billable hours can add up quickly, particularly when technicians are scrambling to get your network back online. If you have a managed services agreement in place, that kind of work should be covered for a low monthly fee. Again, that means a smaller budget and more protectable costs.

Invest in Regular IT Consulting
When you’re looking past the month or two that’s right in front of you, financial forecasting can get a lot tougher. The solution here is to spend a couple of hours with an expert who can look at your existing technology, evaluate your business plans, and come up with a smart budget and strategy that makes sense going forward. Few business owners like to spend money on IT consulting, but it can save you a small fortune if it means more accurate planning for the future.

Want to Build a Smarter Tech Strategy on a Tighter Budget?
At Fantastic IT in Southern California, we don’t just help our clients to get more from their tech – we also work with them to ensure they get the performance and protection they need without spending more than they need to. If that sounds like the kind of service you want from a managed services provider, contact our team today at 855-876-9363 to schedule a no-obligation meeting.