In our years of experience working with business owners and executives, we have noticed something interesting: technology is almost always an advantage or a weakness within a company. There isn’t a lot of middle ground.

To put this another way, there aren’t many companies that are “neutral” or “just getting along normally” with regards to the way they approach computers, software, and communication. Most are either leading the curve or falling behind their better-prepared competitors.

Of course, every entrepreneur or business leader will tell you they want to use technology as a competitive strength. But how exactly do you do that if you’ve always been behind the curve? Here are a handful of guiding principles you can follow starting today…

Be Intentional About Your Decisions
Businesses don’t get progressively better with technology by accident. It’s always the result of many small decisions leading in a consistent direction.

Make the call that your company is going to get ahead of the competition with tech and keep that focus in mind. It won’t happen all at once, but if you guide your moves and investments with that philosophy in mind, you’re going to end up in the right place.

Seek Out the Right Advice
Most business owners and executives aren’t tech experts. Nor should they try to be. But by finding the right team of vendors and advisors, they can break complicated concepts into simpler ideas and stay true to the bigger business vision we’ve already talked about.

In other words, you don’t have to know everything about technology and keep up with the latest industry trends. You just have to have someone on your side who can do it for you and then give you the right advice.

Make Gradual Investments and Improvements
This is the real secret to improving your tech strategy. Don’t try to do everything all at once. Instead, gradually improve your hardware, software, and processes. Get just a little bit better with every purchase or upgrade.

If you have a steady vision to follow, then it will be easier and easier to get to a leadership position before long. For example, you might spend a little bit extra on better devices that match the marketing platform you’ve chosen, or avoid a certain piece of hardware known for having lots of security issues. Eventually, these little advantages add up and make it so your competitors can’t catch you.

Avoid “Quick Fixes”
The one thing you can never afford to do is look for quick fixes when it comes to your tech strategy. You can change vendors or tools, but trying to go in a completely different direction all at once is rarely a successful tactic.

There are a lot of reasons for this. One has to do with costs. When you invest in all-new hardware and software, that cash expense can hurt your business in other areas. At the same time, doing so could put you in a position where your employees don’t know how to use the new tools you’ve provided them with.

Slow and steady wins the race, even in the fast-moving world’s tech. Decide you’re going to put yourself in a leadership position and then take the right steps to move in that direction.

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