The holiday shopping season is just around the corner. Few in the business world know what to expect this year, except to say that it’s probably going to be unlike any we have seen in the past.

If your company is affected by seasonal shopping trends, then the time to start making preparations is right now. Not only might this be your chance to make up for an uneven year of revenue, but the current economy and pandemic offer unprecedented challenges.

To give you an idea of what might be in front of you, let’s look at a few things you might need to prepare for…

New Payment and Fulfillment Options
This is the year of distanced and contactless check-out and payment options, for obvious reasons. However, if the right equipment and software hasn’t been properly installed, both customers and employees can find themselves stuck and frustrated. That’s not going to help you give them a great experience, and it certainly isn’t going to be good for your bottom line. Why miss out on sales simply because you don’t have the right equipment or aren’t sure how to use it?

Tech Equipment Cleaning Procedures
You probably want to keep shoppers, and your team, as safe as possible. However, many people don’t know how to safely clean and disinfect things like computers, keyboards, and printers. With a little bit of training, and some posted instructions, you can help stop the spread of illness – including COVID-19 and the common flu – to keep everyone protected. That’s good for your business and the public.

Data Security, Especially for Customer Information
Data security has been a big concern for years. Many hackers wait for the holiday shopping season because they know lots of charges are going to be processed and some small or medium-sized businesses aren’t as careful as they should be. If you have any questions about the security of sensitive data with your company, you should address them before a flood of new transactions are processed this Fall.

Advanced Training and Scheduling Tools
Will you be bringing on new employees this holiday season, or giving your team more responsibilities? Adding any new equipment or procedures like the ones we have described above? If that’s the case, then some timely training might be in order. We can help you find, create, and deploy the programs you need to keep your staff up to speed and ready to work efficiently this holiday season.

Is Your Tech Team Up to the Task?
Whether you have in-house tech professionals or an outsourced vendor, you shouldn’t be going into the holiday shopping season wondering whether you have the equipment and support you need. If you have any doubts – or just want an expert second opinion on details like data security – we are here to help. Contact the Fantastic IT team today to schedule a free consultation!