Often, business owners come to us with a lot of gripes about the managed services provider they’ve just left. Many complain about slow response times, for example, or about the fact that they never knew what their billing was going to look like from one quarter to the next.

One aggravation that drives almost all of them nuts is the tendency for IT providers to speak in technical jargon all the time. Usually, it would happen when the client called with a problem they didn’t understand. Instead of getting answers, or immediate service, they would be confronted with questions and comments about data packets, DNS details, or work speeds. Okay, probably not the last one but you get the point.

You may have noticed that we don’t delve very far into those topics on our blog. There are some good reasons for that, and you should factor them into your search for a managed services provider. Let’s start by touching on something you already know…

Most of Our Clients Don’t Want to Talk About Technical Details

Unless you happen to be one of those rare business leaders who take a deep and intensive interest in technology, you’re probably not interested in the details. You are likely to care more about sales, recruiting, and other urgent tasks than you are about which patch we are applying to your server.

For whatever reason, some IT providers don’t understand this. We try not to make our business and passion your concern unless you ask questions.

Tech Is a Means to an End for Business Owners and Executives

When you call your IT provider, it isn’t because you want to discuss technical details. It’s because you want your hardware and software to do something that helps you take your business forward. In other words, it’s not about the tech; it’s about what the tech can do for you.

When we work with our clients we stay focused on outcomes rather than specific tools and processes. That keeps us flexible, and it frames the conversation in a way that lets us all share the same goals.

Our Business Is All About Results

We have talented specialists on our teams with amazing levels of expertise. Our staff has all the degrees and certifications you could ask for, and they are always training for new situations. And yet, these qualifications have nothing to do with the reasons our clients hire us, stay with us, and refer us to friends.

Business owners and executives love working with us because we help them achieve bottom-line results. To put this another way, our tech knowledge helps us fulfill that mission, but we never let it become the focus of our work.

Get the IT Support You Really Need Going Forward

The point of hiring an outsourced IT team is to get the support and expertise you need, not to force you to learn more about tech details that impact someone else’s job. If you’re not getting the level of care and service you deserve from your current provider, then contact us today so we can schedule a free consultation.