The “managed services” approach to IT has become more popular in recent years, with many companies making the switch to managed IT. If your business still relies on the old approach, known as break/fix, you’re overspending on IT — and falling behind your competitors. Get the facts on why managed services are better than break/fix to convince holdouts to make the switch.

What is Break/Fix IT?

Break/fix was the original model of IT services, and many companies still use it. In the break/fix cycle, you report a problem to your IT service provider (say, a problem connecting to the network), you receive either remote or on-site help, the service technician makes the diagnosis and fixes your problem, and finally you’re billed for the assistance.

Unfortunately, break/fix can sometimes feel like applying a band-aid so old systems can limp along while not really meeting your business needs or keeping pace with industry changes.

The break/fix approach has been criticized for lag time and high costs. When you wait until something has gone wrong to provide IT services, you then wind up sitting around waiting for the system to be fixed. If a problem arises after hours — say, when your team is working late to prepare for a major meeting — you might have to wait until morning to get IT help.

This could mean missed deadlines, increased stress, decreased productivity, and decreased revenue. What’s more, you’re stuck in a cycle of paying to fix old equipment rather than investing in new technology that improves your positioning.

What are Managed Services?

Just as performing preventative maintenance on your car keeps it running smoothly, lowering your chance of a breakdown on the road, so does a managed approach keep your network healthy. This can prevent your network from experiencing problems while protecting your organization from cyber threats.

In the managed services approach, monitoring systems deliver regular updates to your IT provider around the clock. Not only is the managed service provider notified of any problems, they perform routine maintenance to keep your systems running optimally. Since preventative maintenance is included with managed services, you’ll experience fewer tech problems and increased reliability across all systems. When something goes wrong, they fix it quickly, to limit the disruption to your productivity.

Managed services offer a more nuanced level of IT support, designed to help your company stay competitive. A strong managed services partner will map out your tech infrastructure, tweak your systems for optimal performance, and keep things running smoothly as your business needs change.

Why Managed Services are Better Than Break/Fix

Increased Productivity

When your systems are running smoothly due to regular preventative maintenance, you won’t need to wait around for IT to make a diagnosis. Your employees will be able to access the technology they need, when they need it, 24/7.

If you have an in-house IT team, they’ll benefit from a switch to managed IT. Rather than spend their days troubleshooting problems as they arise, your in-house IT staff can work on those special projects they don’t have time to do when they’re stuck in the break/fix cycle.

Predictable Costs

Managed services keep IT costs predictable, which helps you manage your IT spend. In contrast, the break/fix model comes with no set cost, since you’re billed for services rendered.

From a budgeting perspective, managed services keeps technology services transparent and reduces the often high consulting cost associated with break/fix. When you know exactly how much you will spend in a given year on IT, you’ll be able to allocate money to other priorities rather than saving it up in case a server breaks. By switching to managed IT, you can free up money for that passion project that’s been on the back burner.

Best Protection Against Data Breaches

While last year’s hacks against the DNC grabbed headlines, there were 1,093 cyber attacks against companies and people in 2016 — that’s 40 percent more than in 2015, and a new high. The message is clear: No matter what industry you’re in, or how small your company is, you need advanced cyber security protection.

With managed services, you’ll enjoy competitive cyber security protection as part of your plan. Rather than task your in-house IT with staying up to date on the latest threats — a near-impossible feat for IT workers in a break/fix environment — you can rest assured your business is protected using advanced threat detection and deterrence measures.

We offer two tiers of managed services: Fully managed IT, for companies who don’t have an internal IT team, and co-managed IT, for businesses who want to supplement their in-house IT with a managed services partner. Find out more about our managed IT solutions, and how they can solve your pain points, through a free consultation.