Human nature works in a way that most of us think of skills as being almost binary – you either have them or you don’t. 

If you’ve seen the movie The Matrix, you might remember a scene where the hero “downloads” knowledge about kung fu into his brain. We tend to think of resume items and certifications in this way. We think that one person we are familiar with knows website design, and another speaks Spanish. We forget that there are levels of skill and comprehension between them. Maybe the first person has only done a single web design course, or the second is conversational but not fluent.

Why mention this on a blog about outsourced IT? Because having the right technology vendor gives you a distinct advantage over your competitors that’s easy to miss: a wider range of experience and creativity.

A technology specialist who works at a single company is likely to see the same problems and issues every day. But one who works with half a dozen companies each week (as our technicians do) is going to come across a much wider range of challenges. So, they get to be more effective at diagnosing a wide range of issues.

It can seem like a small thing, but these sorts of repeated experiences have bigger implications…

Versatile IT Professionals Solve New Problems Faster
Someone who deals with the same problem again and again might get good at solving that one thing, but someone who sees a wide variety of issues every week will be much better equipped to face a new challenge and deal with it. They are also more likely to have come across something that might be unusual.

For these reasons, outsourced IT providers tend to be much quicker at figuring out problems and finding solutions. That’s because they have to on a daily basis.

Fresh Perspectives Mean More Creative Problem Solving
Contrary to what people tend to think, working with technology isn’t all about attaching wires or memorizing lines of code. There is a great deal of creative thinking involved, especially as systems get bigger (i.e., encompassing many pieces of hardware and software at once).

Once again, this is an area where an outsourced IT vendor has a huge advantage. Because we work with dozens of companies, we have the experience needed to think outside the box when there isn’t an obvious answer.

It’s Easier for IT Companies to Stay in Touch With Vendors
A dedicated IT firm will generally employ more specialists than a single company will. That means it’s easier for us to keep our staff trained and up to date without having to sacrifice coverage. It also means we can stay in touch with device manufacturers and software companies to find out what other users have been saying.

This direct line of communication between developers and sales reps allows us to get to the source of an issue more quickly than a staff technician might. And that speed can matter when you need to get your business technology running smoothly again.

Why Settle for Anything Less Than the Best IT Coverage?
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