Sometimes, we meet with clients who are just coming out of a very poor relationship with a previous managed services vendor. When we unpack the details of poor service, long waiting times, and irregular invoices, a common thread tends to reveal itself: the business owner or CEO wasn’t sure what they were agreeing to.

This is unfortunate, and it can happen more often than you might think. That’s because most business leaders aren’t technical minded. They don’t know the ins and outs of things like network protocols or file transfer speeds. But, in an effort to seem like they are informed or to come across as tough negotiators, they fake their way through conversations on these topics and hope for the best. That’s how they end up signing onto contracts that don’t really work in their favor.

Naturally, we want you to avoid this mistake. With that in mind, we definitely don’t want you to pretend you know more about IT than you actually do. It just sets you up for failure. Even worse, it could lead to a service provider – whether intentionally or not – talking over your head.

So, be open about what you do and don’t understand. While you’re at it, follow these three pieces of advice when you’re talking with a potential IT vendor, as well…

Be Clear on What You’re Looking For
Make sure your managed services partner knows exactly what you need from them. Be upfront about problems you’ve had in the past, or concerns that make you feel nervous about signing a contract. It will be much easier for them to deliver the kind of care and service you need when they know just what it will take for you to be completely satisfied.

Ask for Clarification When You Need It
This is probably the biggest thing we want you to remember. If there is something said that you don’t understand then get an explanation. If that means the meeting has to go longer then so be it. A good IT vendor is going to want to be sure you know what you’re getting, and will be happy to explain every service, charge, and benefit. Don’t agree to anything until you have the knowledge you need.

Get the Major Terms in Writing
It goes without saying that all the major items of your managed services agreement should be outlined in writing. Although you can trust most people in our industry, or business in general, good contracts prevent misunderstandings. And, in the event that your vendor isn’t able to deliver what they promised, then having the right paperwork can give you the cover you need to make things right.

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