Is technology a source of strength in your company, or a part of your business that costs you more and more even though you don’t necessarily understand what you’re getting for your money?

The answer you give to that question tells us a lot, not just about your IT provider, but also where your company is headed. It’s ironic that so many business owners and executives are struggling with technology in the digital age. On the one hand, they realize that the possibilities associated with new hardware, software, and mobile devices are virtually endless. But on the other hand, the growing complexity of tech makes it hard for small and medium-sized businesses to build a cohesive strategy.

Because we know how important and difficult these challenges are, we want to help you to make sense of the choices and issues that are in front of you. And, we want you to have the right kind of advice and guidance as you put your plan together. So, today we want to share with you the first pillar of a strong IT strategy. We’ll get to the second two in our next post. 

Let’s start with the one most business owners are aware of…

#1 Fast Maintenance, Repairs, and Service

When you call your IT partner to report an issue (like an error message, network outage, or other problem) do you feel like finding a solution is their top priority?

Many business owners who come to work with us report that they have felt like their service requests were treated as an afterthought in the past. That’s problematic for a couple of reasons. First, because no one should ever feel like a vendor is putting important concerns onto the back burner. And second, because IT issues inevitably become more expensive with each passing hour.

Allow us to explain. When you have a problem with your company’s technology it isn’t just your hardware or software that are affected. For example, if you’re email is down, that might stop you from making sales, following up on customer inquiries, or properly managing employees. The same can be said for virtually any part of your technology setup. 

So, by providing you with slow or inconsistent service, your IT vendor could be doing major harm to your business. Even if there isn’t an immediate financial cost, damage is being done to your brand and reputation.

Prompt IT service is the foundational bedrock of your IT strategy because nothing else works or matters if you don’t have it in place. And, experience has taught us that when businesses aren’t enjoying fast and reliable technology support, they are undoubtedly falling behind in the next two areas, as well.

What are the Other Two Pillars of a Strong IT Strategy?

To learn more about what else you need to have a good IT plan in place, check out our second piece on the subject. Or, contact Fantastic IT in Los Angeles today to get a free quote for managed services and say goodbye to technology problems for good!