Computers, mobile devices, and other forms of hardware have traditionally been upgraded so quickly that there wasn’t much of a used market. A truck, for example, used to last a lot longer than a laptop. That has changed a bit in recent years, however, and this has left some business owners wondering whether they should consider buying used tech for their businesses.

As you might expect, there isn’t really a blanket answer that covers every purchase or instance. What is a good idea in one circumstance might not be in another. Still, we want to give you some actionable advice. So, below you’ll find a handful of ideas to consider when thinking about buying used pieces of technology for your small business.

You Might Save a Lot of Money

It’s not all that unusual to see computers and devices marked down more than 50% versus new on the secondhand market. That can amount to huge savings, particularly if you’re on a tight budget or need to replace many different pieces of equipment at the same time. As long as you’re smart about where you look, buying used can help you save time and money.

You’ll Have to Double-Check Everything

Of course, used technology can sometimes be discounted for a reason. Even worse, you might not know what that reason is. While there are some great deals out there, particularly from companies that are going out of business, there are also scammers. You’ll want to double-check that each purchase works the way it’s supposed to, isn’t stolen, and is free from spyware.

You Might Lose Warranties

Some pieces of advanced hardware (like servers) may have warranties that are tied to the original purchaser. You might not care that much about manufacturer guarantees if you’re buying a secondhand phone, but the bigger the investment, the more careful you should be about terms and fine print. That’s especially true if there is any reason to think you might need to return or exchange an item later.

It’s All About Price vs. Performance

In some businesses and situations, it makes sense to have the latest and greatest tech, with all the warranties, incentives, and freebies that are included. In other instances, you might just need a device to do a specific job and won’t want to pay anything more than you have to. In other words, you should treat tech purchases like you would any other investment in your business – by weighing the price you have to pay versus the return you’ll receive for the money spent.

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