Most of the business owners and executives we talk with are familiar with benchmarking but think of it in terms of building video game rigs or evaluating racing cars. What they don’t realize is that measuring benchmarks – that is, finding ways to stress test your technology – is an integral part of the IT process.

There is great value in testing your hardware and software configurations at regular intervals. To help you understand why, let’s look at the value of tech audits and benchmarks in your business…

Scoring Your Systems and Their Parts

There are a lot of reasons to audit and benchmark the various pieces of technology used. By scoring them you can see what is and isn’t working in your company, get a clearer picture of how much volume or activity you can handle, and even see which components or workflows are likely to fail in the near future.

In the same way that you would want to know which parts on your car are wearing out before you found yourself broken down on the highway, it’s always good to have a strong sense of what’s happening with your tech. That way you can avoid problems before they affect your company.

Finding and Avoiding Bottlenecks

Every technology system (a contained environment of hardware and software) has its strongest and weakest points. Something has to be the least secure or first to break with massive increases in usage. That’s just a fact, not a bad thing. However, it’s very helpful to know where those potential weak spots or bottlenecks lie. 

When you know what to expect from your technology you can troubleshoot quickly, particularly in times of stress or when fast answers are needed. That equates to the ability to get your business back online and running smoothly when it matters most.

Preventing Unnecessary IT Expenses

In some cases, benchmarking your technology can prevent you from making wasteful decisions. For instance, you might hear from a vendor who insists you need to upgrade a certain piece or component. However, with the right audit or testing procedure, you may be able to determine that they are incorrect or stretching the truth. 

This just goes back to the reality that things are easier when you have more data, rather than less. That’s what benchmarking is all about.

Are You Getting VIP Service from Your IT Vendor? 

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