The end of the year has almost arrived, and that means that, as a business owner or executive, you’re probably spending some time reflecting on all of the things that went right or wrong in 2017. Or maybe you’re already making plans for the coming 12 months…

As you consider changes to your business strategy, think about some ways you might be able to use technology to get more done, make it easier to achieve your other annual targets, or at least remove some of your biggest headaches. Then, turn these ideas into actionable IT goals for 2018, so you can get the new year started on the right foot.

What kinds of goal should you be focusing on? Here are eight you might want to strongly consider:

#1 Stop Network Outages

If your network fails on a regular basis, you have a couple of problems. The first is that it’s likely a major disruption for you and your staff. The second is the possibility of bigger issues in the future. Either way, this is an issue you will want to discuss with a trusted IT vendor immediately.

#2 Reduce Downtime for Your Staff

When technology gets in the way of work, you can find yourself paying your employees to sit around and do nothing. That’s not exactly the formula for a profitable and growing enterprise. You and your IT partner should be working aggressively to make sure you’re never hampered by crashing hardware software.

#3 Make Hardware or Software Upgrades

Buying new hardware and software can be a great way to give your team a productivity boost or add new functionality. However, new tech can get very expensive quickly, and it doesn’t always work the way it’s supposed to. Get some help from your IT team so you can be sure your upgrade money is being well spent.

#4 Get a Data Backup Plan in Place

It’s easier than you might think to suddenly lose access to important files or applications. That’s why smart businesses prioritize data backup and disaster recovery before they need them. Putting a plan in place doesn’t cost you much money, and it can make all the difference in a crisis.

#5 Take Advantage of Cloud Applications

Cloud applications are cheaper than traditional software suites, are constantly updated, and give you access to group files and program upgrades in real-time. Why not look for ways your company could benefit from more cloud integration in 2018?

#6 Get a Lower, More Consistent Budget

Lots of business owners and executives will admit they have no idea what a good IT budget should look like. Your goal for 2018 might be to lower costs and achieve more consistency from one month or quarter to the next. With the right IT vendor on your side, that’s very achievable.

#7 Improve Your Cyber Security

It seems like every week we hear about a new cyber attack or data breach. You don’t want your company to be the next one making news for all the wrong reasons. With a few simple measures, you can protect yourself, your employees, and your customers from hackers around the globe.

#8 Work With a Reliable IT Team

All the goals on this list get easier when you have a reliable IT vendor on your side. Choose a company with a reputation for service, fast responses, and fair pricing. Then, you’ll find yourself automatically making progress towards all the other items on this list.

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