If you are like a lot of the entrepreneurs and executives we meet with, you wish you had better IT care and coverage for your company, but worry about what you could lose by switching providers. That’s fair. The last thing you want to do is make things even harder for yourself by trading a tough situation for an even worse one.

Every situation is different, of course, but in today’s post we want to look at a few of the things our new clients have lost when they started working with us. Then you can decide whether you can afford to make a switch or not.

Here’s what you might have to give up to work with a company like Fantastic IT…

Unnecessary IT Expenses That Pile Up Every Month

You probably love the feeling of having an unexpected invoice from your IT provider, either because they haven’t put you on an affordable monthly plan or because their billing changes from one cycle to the next. We know how hard it could be for you to give that up and just pay something that was regular and reasonable for good IT care. What would you do with the extra money? You might have to spend valuable time figuring out where the additional dollars would go.

Time Spent With Your Outsourced Technicians

When was the last time you found yourself dealing with a technology specialist who went on and on about some sort of IT problem you didn’t really understand? Didn’t you wish the hours could last just a little longer? Unfortunately, we aren’t able to provide that sort of service to our clients – our technicians are trained to figure out problems, fix them, and then let our clients get back to work.

The Recurring Problems or Error Messages You’ve Gotten Used To

There are few joys like opening up your laptop and finding an unknown network error, an inability to read emails, or the always-beloved “blue screen of death.” Some of our clients have become so used to these issues that they almost expect them. If you’re in the same boat we understand you might miss those little moments when they go away. Unfortunately, that’s a side effect of getting better technical support.

Do You Think You Could Stand to Make a Change?

We know it can be hard to give up huge bills, stop spending time with vendors, and say goodbye to computer crashes and other technology-related problems. But somehow the business owners and executives we work with manage to carry on after the switch. Strangely enough, some of them even seem much happier as a result.

Obviously, we are having a little bit of fun with this idea, but hopefully you get the point. If you’re ready to start enjoying a higher standard of IT support, then reach out to our team today to schedule a free consultation. You might be amazed at what we can do for you, and how little it costs to get our help!