If you have spent any amount of time in our blog, then you know we often make the suggestion to find a managed services provider for consistent, reliable tech support at a regular rate. Occasionally, we get a question that essentially amounts to: what does that actually mean, in terms of deliverables?

That’s something every business owner or CEO should ask about, of course. There isn’t going to be one set answer, given that every vendor and situation are different. However, here are some things an IT vendor might look after as part of your managed services agreement…

Networks and Infrastructure
Almost any managed services agreement will include maintenance of your network and connectivity. Very few modern businesses can run without phone, internet, voicemail, and other everyday tools. These should be looked after and given priority when necessary.

Backups and Data Recovery
You probably have a lot of important files in your business. You could have blueprints, customer records, financial documents, or even sensitive contracts and emails. As part of your managed services agreement, your IT vendor can back these up securely so you’ll have extra copies if you ever need them.

Data Security
As every business owner knows, hacking and other forms of cyber attacks are on the rise. Your managed services vendor can keep an eye on network activity to look for signs of intrusions. No form of data security is completely failsafe in this day and age, but you are much less likely to be victimized when professionals are keeping an eye on your servers.

Helpdesk and Support
No matter what sort of equipment you have, or what level of training you provide your employees, eventually you or your team will need assistance with something technical. Having 24/7 helpdesk support is the difference between having instant answers and days-long delays.

Software Installation and Updates
Your managed services partner will undoubtedly want to help you keep all of your software up to date and working properly. Not only does that make your business run more smoothly and give you access to the latest features, but it’s also a crucial step if you want to improve data security (see above).

Mobile Device Support
More and more, businesses are relying on phones and tablets to keep teams running smoothly. As part of your managed services agreement, your vendor may set up or maintain these devices for you. That means everyone stays connected and productive without other things to worry about.

Support for Printers
Printers are notorious for going offline at the wrong times, particularly if they haven’t been installed correctly in an office or on a network. A good managed services team will make sure yours are functioning properly and resolve any issues quickly so you can get back to work.

Need More Specifics on Managed Services?
There are a lot of IT-related articles and resources online, including more than 100 posts on our own blog. If you really want information and answers you can use, however, it’s best to talk with a team of technicians who can speak to your specific circumstances. 

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