We often point out that hardware maintenance is an important aspect of good IT management. After all, if your devices aren’t working the way they are supposed to, your company can quickly grind to a halt.

However, for those outside the technology support industry, the term “hardware maintenance” itself can be somewhat confusing. In today’s post, we want to attack a few specifics and let you know what you’re getting when a company like ours starts taking care of your business computers and mobile devices.

Here are some of the most important aspects of hardware maintenance the Fantastic IT team of specialists focuses on…

Device Repairs
If your technology isn’t functioning properly, with error screens, lockups, or crashes, then it’s possible you’ll need us to repair or replace something. From simple fixes like installing new fans or power supplies to more advanced chipset upgrades, our team can help you get up and running quickly.

While this type of IT service often equates to what business owners and executives think about with outsourced care, it’s far from the only thing we do.

Updates and Recalls
It’s not uncommon for someone in charge of business purchasing to buy a piece of technology – or even an entire platform – and then forget about it completely. That’s understandable as long as it seems to be working, but patches, upgrades, and even manufacturer recalls are all important to stay on top of.

By keeping an eye on these necessary tasks, you can improve performance, keep your data safer, and prolong the life of your expensive computer hardware.

Performance Observations
We use a number of different tools to evaluate hardware performance, from benchmarking and help desks to regular audits. We perform these tasks so you can always know that your computers and devices are working exactly as they should be.

Spotting issues ahead of time is crucial if you want to make minor investments instead of wholesale hardware replacements. They can also prevent you from wasting time and money by focusing on the tech that isn’t performing perfectly instead of turning your attention elsewhere.

Lifecycle Planning
No matter what kind of hardware you buy, and how much it costs, your equipment will eventually have to be replaced. Not only can a good IT team help you anticipate those expenses and replacements, but we can ensure you make good decisions when they occur. 

Business owners and managers often say they are caught by surprise when it’s time to make major tech upgrades. Good lifecycle planning is the cure for that kind of fiscal blindsiding.

Physical Inspections
As part of our work, we make a point of looking over the computers and devices our clients are using. That’s because we can see potential issues they can’t. These can include frayed cords, signs of excessive dust, or even incorrect router placement.

As simple as it might sound, simply knowing where things go and how they should look can be helpful for IT maintenance, particularly over the span of several months or years.

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