On our blog, we often refer to the benefits of “good IT care” or “a great managed services plan.” One thing that’s important to remember, however, is that those terms can mean different things to different clients. While all of the business owners and executives we serve like fast response times and transparent pricing, their specific plans can vary quite a bit.

To put this another way, different companies have different IT needs. You should be able to get as much support as you require without having to pay for services you don’t.

Bear this in mind as you consider working with different outsourced IT firms. We always work with our clients to help them find the right set of solutions. What might your managed services package look like? Here are some common solutions you might consider:

An All-in-One Outsourced IT Team

In this type of setup, your technology vendor essentially serves as your complete IT team. You simply decide what sort of support and schedule you need (with the help of some technical specialists) and then stop worrying about it.

This can be a wonderful solution for IT because it means you have access to the specialists you need without committing to full-time salaries, long-term contracts, or benefit and training packages. Your level of service can change as your company grows or cuts costs, maximizing your flexibility for any situation.

Specialists Who Supplement Your In-House Team

Sometimes clients come to us because they already have one or more IT professionals on staff but need extra coverage. It could be that they require a certain type of expertise, want someone manning a help desk after hours, or just need more assistance without taking on permanent salaries.

A good outsourced IT vendor will be able to step in and work seamlessly alongside your existing team. Then, you could decide to keep things as they are, hire more permanent employees, or shift more responsibility to your managed services partner over time. It’s all up to you.

Experts Who Can Step in for IT-Specific Projects

Whether you have an existing technology staff or not, there are likely to be times when you need specialists to deal with a unique challenge. For example, you could be moving to another office, expanding your operations, or installing a new payment system. You could even want expert help to deal with an unexpected crisis like a power surge or server failure.

In this case, your managed services provider can offer you fast, affordable, and effective service. They can fill in gaps of knowledge or manpower and leave your company ready to move forward, either on your own or with continued support.

Find the IT Solution That’s Right for You

Do you need a managed services package that covers one of the scenarios we’ve outlined here? Need something different, or aren’t sure where to begin? Contact a member of our sales team today to schedule a free consultation and see how we can help!