If you want to observe something interesting about human nature, then visit Amazon.com (or any other major online retailer) and search for one of your favorite products. Then, click on the reviews and start scrolling down.

You’ll most likely be amazed. Even if you find something that you have bought and loved, or couldn’t live without, there will probably be dozens of reviewers trashing it. They’ll say that it’s terrible, poorly constructed, or an outright waste of money.

The point is that every business or company – yours and ours included – is going to get bad reviews at some time or another. Some people just can’t be pleased. And yet, many of the firms competing in the small and medium-sized business IT space consistently receive awful feedback. 

Why is that? We are going to explore the answers in today’s post, beginning with the first and most obvious reason.

Many Executives Don’t Understand IT (and Their Providers Don’t Help)

Most business leaders aren’t tech-oriented. Nor do they have the time to learn advanced concepts or IT jargon. At the same time, lots of IT professionals like to talk in buzzwords that aren’t easily understood. The result is that businesses end up paying for services they don’t really grasp, which is always a recipe for frustration.

A better solution is for tech professionals to take a few extra minutes to explain problems and solutions thoroughly. That’s the way we do things in our business.

Some IT Companies Overpromise and Underdeliver

This isn’t unique to the IT industry, of course, but it is the case that some people will say almost anything to make a sale. That’s particularly true when they think their customer won’t understand the details of what they’re offering (see above). Naturally, this angers clients and leads them to leave bitter reviews.

At Fantastic IT, we don’t want you to sign or pay anything until you know what you’re getting for your money. Then we stick to our work.

Outsourced IT Companies Tend to Be Bad at Service and Communication

There are some really impressive technicians out there who are somewhat lacking in customer service skills. They might be able to fix just about anything, but never manage to smile, explain, or perform any kind of follow-up. When clients get that kind of service, they are always disappointed.

We teach our team that the human side of the business is just as important as maintaining a technical edge.

IT Firms Might Be Inconsistent With Their Billing

Almost every business owner and executive we meet with has had the experience of getting an unexpected bill from an IT company they once worked with. This simply shouldn’t happen. And of course, it’s the kind of thing that will lead to complaints and negative reviews.

That’s why we offer very clear billing and contracts. We want you to know what we’re doing for your company, why, and what the charges will be so there aren’t any surprises.

We Are a Different Kind of IT Company

Bad reviews might be prevalent in our industry, but customers and clients have great things to say about Fantastic IT. That’s because we’ve built our company a little bit differently. Specifically, we’ve taken the time to learn what makes business owners and executives happy and then took away the issues that stress them out.

The result isn’t just better care, but a smoother client experience. If you’d like to try it for yourself, and see why we truly are a different kind of IT provider, then contact us today to schedule a free consultation.