If you’ve spent some time on the Fantastic IT website, you’ll know that we highlight our experience in certain industries like banking, legal, and healthcare. If you’re in one of these fields – or another with unique technical needs – you may be wondering whether you really need a vendor that has worked with a company like yours or not. 

Does industry-specific IT experience really matter?

We certainly think it does. While finding an IT partner with good technical competence and good business practices is more important than finding one with experience in your business, you would ideally have both. Let’s look at a few of the advantages you gain from hiring a computer support team that understands your industry…

Improved Operational Understanding

Before you start thinking about hardware, software, or anything else technical, you need to be sure your IT provider has a good understanding of your business. If they don’t know what you and your team do day-to-day, or how their work affects your profitability, then you’re always going to be asking for trouble.

By choosing a managed services vendor with industry experience, you are shortening the learning curve that needs to take place at the beginning of your work together.

Knowledge of Specialized Software and Hardware

Certain types of businesses, like law and accounting firms, for example, rely on specialized software to manage clients and data. You’ll want your IT partner to know and understand these applications. Otherwise, they could make mistakes that hurt your productivity or even lead to unintentional crashes and data loss.

Certainly, a good IT firm will learn about your company, equipment, and practices as they go, but it’s always helpful if they can start with a base level of knowledge when it comes to the tools you use.

Awareness About Legal, Privacy, or Regulatory Concerns

Along with specialized software, some professional fields have strict guidelines in place that dictate privacy, data storage, and/or online security. For example, you could think of anything related to finance and healthcare. 

Because it’s ultimately your reputation, future, and bottom line that are at risk, you want to know that your IT provider understands your needs in these areas.

A Track Record of Proven Reliability

While reliability isn’t necessarily an industry-specific concern, it’s always nice to know that your managed services partner has been able to deliver for other companies like yours in the past. So, while you might not necessarily want to hire a firm that has been serving your direct competitors, it’s good to know that they can handle a similarly sized business in the same industry.

In other words, a track record of success is always a good starting point.

Need a Managed Services Partner Who Gets Your Business?

At Fantastic IT, we have experience working in dozens of fields. And, we take the time to get to know all of our clients and their organizations. That way you can ensure you’re getting the very best care and service possible.

If that’s the kind of support you’re looking for in an IT company, then we encourage you to contact us and schedule a free consultation today!