One thing that clients – and even colleagues – often tell us is that it is incredibly difficult to hire and keep IT personnel. Given that we employ some of the best technical specialists in the business, we are often asked why it seems so difficult for others to duplicate our success.

Why is good help so hard to find in the technology field?

There isn’t one single answer, so let’s run down a few of the reasons it can seem hard to find the right new IT hires for your business.

IT Recruiting Is Incredibly Competitive

Technology specialists have never been more in demand than they are right now. To get someone great you have to offer a competitive salary, plenty of benefits and vacation time, and ongoing training. And even then, the top graduates and professionals are going to want to work in environments where they are challenged and supported by other professionals. 

Many employers don’t understand this market, making it tough for them to compete for the best.

You Have to Hire for Today and Tomorrow

When you hire someone to work in IT you’re probably thinking about a need you have today. However, those needs might look much different in two or three years.

Because it can be difficult for a business owner or executive to predict the future of IT, it’s easy to miss that detail. So, you could inadvertently bring in someone who is a perfect fit right now but won’t match the requirements of the job in the future. Then, in retrospect, it looks like a bad hiring decision.

Candidates and HR Managers Speak Different Languages

This is perhaps the biggest problem of all. When an IT professional meets with an executive or HR professional, it can be difficult for the two parties to adequately discuss situational needs and job performance. That’s because only one of them truly understands the technical aspects of the position.

It’s never easy to make a choice when you don’t understand your options, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to IT hiring.

Hiring New IT Staff Is Expensive

Even if you can clear all the hurdles we have already listed, bringing in a new IT employee with the right training or background is likely to be expensive. And then, you might need other employees to support them or cover different specialties.

Unless you have a very large and lucrative business, maintaining the in-house IT staff you need to keep your business moving might be cost-prohibitive.

The Solution to Your IT Hiring Problems

Now that we have given you all of the reasons it seems tough to bring new team members into your technology department, let’s look at the good news: you don’t have to. By working with Fantastic IT you can get access to the best technical support anywhere, and all without being locked into long contracts or payroll costs. In fact, you can scale your services up or down as needed.

That’s the beauty of having the right managed services provider on your site. It doesn’t just clear up your IT hiring problems, it also makes it easy to afford the assistance and expertise you need.

Want to find out more? Contact us today to schedule a free consultation or to get a quote for a monthly managed services agreement.