Imagine for a moment you are expanding your company. That means opening new offices, bringing in brand-new employees, and implementing new workstations, servers etc… Given that the job probably requires you to plug in a few devices and hook up a few cables, isn’t that something you could do on your own without the help of an IT vendor?

The short answer is that you probably could, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. In our experience, simple technology installations and configurations aren’t always as simple as people tend to think. And, this is an area where a professional can do the job faster and with fewer problems (some of which might not be immediately apparent).

To help you understand why let’s look at a few of the biggest reasons you shouldn’t set up a new office or workstation on your own…

You Want Your Technology to Work

There are few things as frustrating as having a brand-new piece of technology that simply won’t work the way it’s supposed to. You’ve spent the money and seen all the cool demos, watching it fail to turn on or do its job can be maddening. An experienced IT technician can help you get the most from every device from the first minute you own it. That means a better return on your investment, and also a lot fewer headaches to deal with.

It’s Easy to Waste Your IT Budget

Most business owners and executives tend to overestimate what they’ll actually need to set up a new office or workstation. They buy hardware and software that’s redundant, overpriced, or simply not worth the cash. If you have a good IT consultant on your side, however, they can help you plan for budgets and functionality. That means getting equipment that’ll last longer and do more – and getting those capabilities without burning a hole in your bottom line.

Your Time is Money

As IT professionals, it can be hard for us to watch those who aren’t in our business struggle with the basics of the job. It’s understandable, given that they don’t have our technical backgrounds and experience. Nonetheless, it can easily take someone hours to finish what we can accomplish in minutes.  Especially when you consider the average business owner or manager has lots of other things to do. Your time is valuable, so don’t waste it by working with an untrained IT in turn.

It Only Takes One Problem

This is a problem that isn’t always appreciated even though it’s very real. When a piece of technology gets installed or configured incorrectly, it can lead to errors that creep up again and again over time. In some cases, they can even spread, causing conflicts or failures across your network. The point is that you don’t want to make little errors worse or turn tiny issues into bigger ones. Let a professional install your technology and you can rest easy knowing that you won’t regret the decision down the line.

Want Help Making Your Technology Work?

Whether you simply want to stop dealing with nagging hardware and software problems, make better IT budgeting decisions, protect your company’s data, or just get some new devices and systems online, Fantastic IT in Southern California should be your first call.

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