Every January, small business owners, department managers, and IT executives go on the hunt for new computers and devices. Many of them are armed with fresh budgets, newly released funds, and a slew of discounts and rebates ahead of them.

While these kinds of shopping sprees can be enjoyable, they aren’t always profitable in the long run. That’s because it’s easy to make impulse decisions, even if you are a seasoned technology professional.

Because we don’t like to see our clients waste money, in today’s post, we want to cover three bad reasons to buy new devices. Please note that they apply whether you’re purchasing for yourself or your company.

#1 The New Technology Looks Cooler Than What You Have

It might seem obvious, but you shouldn’t purchase new tech for your company or yourself just because it looks cool. No matter how strong the form factor is, how small and slick the design, or how impressive the demo, you need to compare features (did not to mention dollars and cents) before making a decision.

Again, this might seem like something that’s so simple it doesn’t even need to be mentioned. However, it’s easy to get drawn in by dazzling ads and presentations designed to help you spend money. Go for what looks good on your balance sheet, not a quick YouTube review.

#2 You Get a Discount or Credit from a Vendor

Don’t misunderstand us: credits, discounts, and rebates can all be very valuable. And, you absolutely should take advantage of them when it makes sense. You just shouldn’t base your technology investments on them.

Your goal is to get the right hardware software at the best possible price. In most cases, the minor savings you can get from a special promotion aren’t significant enough to tilt the scales one way or another. Work with your IT vendor to figure out what you need first. Then you can figure out when and how you should make the purchase.

#3 You are Looking for a Fast Business Write-Off

As unbelievable as it might seem, we do run into business owners and executives who buy hardware or devices just to lower their tax bills. That makes a certain kind of sense, but it doesn’t lead to a good or coherent IT strategy.

For one thing, you generally want to plan out your computer and device investments in advance. That way you won’t have to deal with issues of performance and compatibility because you’ve made a rash decision. And for another, you’ll probably never be sure of places to spend money so it’s not a good idea to burn your tech budget to meet a minor short-term goal.

Follow a Smarter IT Strategy for 2020

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