As we prepare to flip the calendar to another fresh year, it’s only natural to look back and think about what went right or wrong in the 12 months that have just passed. If our experience is any guide, many of you will be thinking about the decisions you made in your business and how they turned out. Some of you might even be evaluating your IT budgets, vendors, and plans.

Are you on the right path with regards to your approach to business technology? If you want the right answers, we have four end-of-year IT questions you should ask yourself…

#1 Is Our Technology Doing What We Need It to Do?

Beneath all the stats, facts, and certifications is one simple truth: IT exists because you need your computers, mobile devices, and other pieces of technology to help your business run. If you feel like they are doing that effectively, then you are probably on the right path. If not, then you need to make some changes.

Never forget that you don’t buy tech for its own sake. It has to help you, your employees, and your customers get closer to what you want. Otherwise, what’s the point?

#2 Did We Suffer Unplanned Outages or Setbacks in 2020?

Again, this is a very rough “yes or no” kind of metric, but it can be useful. If there were times when your technology let you down and your business ground to a halt, that is a symptom of a serious problem. If things ran smoothly, on the other hand, then you probably aren’t facing a crisis.

Unplanned technology outages and downtime cost you huge amounts of money and suggest even more severe consequences around the corner. Don’t ignore them.

#3 What Kind of Service Did We Get From Our IT Vendor This Year?

Although this question is a bit more vague, you can probably come up with an answer that feels right for you off the top of your head. If your outsourced IT partner was responsive to your needs and answered your questions, then they probably have their priorities in the right place. If you feel like you are always on hold with their helpline or waiting for clarifications, on the other hand, that signals the need for change.

Your technology is crucial to your company’s operations. Don’t settle for a firm that treats your requests as an afterthought.

#4 How Well Are We Positioned for the Coming Year?

You might not have thought much about IT lately, but you probably have some plans for what will happen in your business over the next year. This is a good time to project that thinking onto your technology and ask yourself whether you have the right equipment and team to support you in those goals.

This is probably the hardest question to answer, which is why you might not want to tackle it alone. If you don’t feel sure that your IT plan has you prepared for the near future, consider getting a consultation from a partner who can help you fill in the gaps.

Need Better Answers to Your Business IT Questions?

If thinking about these questions has made you feel nervous or irritated instead of satisfied, take this moment to get your IT strategy sorted out. Now is the perfect time to talk with a member of our team and see how we can use managed services, technology consulting, and other forms of support to help your business grow.