A lot of business owners and executives think that the only time to call an IT firm is when something goes wrong with a computer or mobile device. Those are good times to reach out to an IT professional, but they are far from the only occasions where we can help.

If you have ever worked with our firm you might not realize that giving advice, setting up systems, and performing preventative maintenance is a big part of our work. To help illustrate that point, and to show you how you could benefit, let’s look at five different occasions where you should definitely turn to a professional IT partner for assistance.

#1 You Are Expanding Your Business

Opening a new office or retail location? Hiring a dozen staff? Taking on some other initiative that’s going to require lots of new equipment and/or software? 

These are all projects that can be made much, much easier by having the right IT partner on your side. We can help ensure that everything is set up correctly and you won’t experience unnecessary problems or delays as you launch your new initiative… or in the weeks to come. 

#2 You Are Expecting a Major Storm

We have posted about this in the past, but it’s worth reiterating: your entire business can be wiped out by fire, flood, or thunderstorm if you don’t have the right backup and recovery system in place.

Don’t wait until after the event to get your technology in order. By then it might be too late and there could be files or devices that can’t be recovered. If you’re expecting some kind of disaster in your area – even a minor one – we should talk.

#3 You Notice Unusual Network or Email Activity

Most hacking attempts and cybercrimes aren’t sophisticated. They come from amateurs using software that is widely available. For that reason, there are telltale signs that often show up before any damage is done.

If you notice anything unusual going on with your internet, email, or company servers, then don’t shrug off the issue. Talk to our specialists so they can help identify any big issues.

#4 You Have a Huge Presentation Coming Up

The last thing you need is for your technology to fail during an important presentation at a shareholder’s meeting or industry tradeshow (as examples). And yet, that’s exactly what often happens when you try to take equipment into an unknown environment.

A good IT partner can help you prepare your equipment and the space you need to work in. Then your presentation can go off without a hitch.

#5 You’re About to Make a Major IT Decision

If you’re thinking about making a major investment into new mobile devices, software apps, or workstations, then it makes sense to consult with an IT professional first. At the very least you can ensure you’re getting the right equipment at a good price.

Going even further, you can engage one of our virtual CIOs to make sure the decision or investment you’re considering fits with your longer-term strategy. That could help you save money, better align your investments with your goals, or just enjoy a bit more peace of mind about your direction.

Are You Getting the Support You Expect From Your IT Partner?

If you aren’t getting the level of support and customer service you expect from your IT vendor, then it’s time to make a change. Our company is growing by leaps and bounds because we offer high-quality technical care, friendly one-on-one interactions, and proactive problem solving for all of our clients.

If that’s what you want for your business, then get in touch and schedule a free consultation today!