If you are a business owner or executive who is reading this post then there’s a good chance you feel like you should be reviewing your technology strategy more often than you do. But, like taking a deep dive into your balance sheet or cleaning out your garage, it’s one of those tasks that’s always easier to put off to another day.

Avoid thinking about your tech for long enough, though, and you’ll fall behind the competition. Or worse, you’ll end up wasting time and money on apps and devices that don’t do what you need them to.

In order to help you break through this all-too-common cycle of procrastination, today we want to give you five good occasions to review your small business IT strategy. If you are going through any of the five we have listed below or have in the recent past, then it might be time to talk with a member of our team.

#1 At the End of a Calendar or Fiscal Year

The end of the year is always a good time to review the different parts of your business. And let’s face it: your technology setup will affect all other goals and departments. So, if you’re reaching the end of the calendar or fiscal year, consider setting aside a day or two to talk with a specialist and make sure that your equipment, budget, and future plans make sense.

#2 Following Major Growth or Contraction

If you are rapidly expanding into new locations, or perhaps contracting your business to make it more efficient and profitable, then your tech strategy should change as well. Not only are there savings to be found as you scale up or down, but you’ll want to ensure that what you’re doing makes sense to help you stay profitable going forward.

#3 When Economic Conditions Change

Sometimes it isn’t your business that’s changing but the world around you. Whether you’re looking at a boom, bust, or something in between, it’s good to adjust your IT strategy accordingly. You might want to find more flexible plans, invest in new tech while interest rates are low, or otherwise adapt to business conditions.

#4 If Your Business Fundamentals Change

Every once in a while, we meet with clients who are shifting their entire business strategy. They might be moving from one service sector to another, for example, or moving from being privately held to drawing public investment. These are all significant changes and can affect both short- and long-term IT plans.

#5 Before Making Major Investments

About to spend a lot of money on new servers, an enterprise license for an important app, or new laptops for your team? It’s never a bad idea to review your bigger strategy and get some advice from an experienced tech executive before you approve the invoice.

Wishing You Had a Tech Specialist on Staff?

Want to know something many of your competitors don’t? You don’t have to hire a full-time tech executive to keep your company running smoothly. Instead, you can get help from one of our virtual CIOs and only pay for the time you need. It’s the perfect way to get great tech advice without busting your personnel budget.

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