It goes without saying that a good managed services provider can help with major tech issues like setting up a new office or devising a backup and disaster recovery plan. However, a lot of our most important work is more mundane. That’s because the little things (and small irritations removed) add up to make a huge difference.

To help you understand and appreciate what kinds of smaller tasks we mean, and why they are so significant, here are seven everyday problems your outsourced managed services team can help you solve…

#1 Inconsistent Web Connections

It’s amazing how many business owners and office managers deal with web connections that seem to work normally on some days while slowing down or stopping altogether on others. This kind of unreliability isn’t good for productivity, of course, and can lead to bigger problems if it happens (for example) in the middle of a big update or download.

#2 Slow or Missing Emails

It doesn’t say anything great about your company’s reputation when emails go missing. And yet, this is another issue that plagues a lot of small businesses, particularly when things like spam filters or device settings aren’t handled the right way. A good managed services vendor can root out problems and solve them.

#3 VOIP Calling Problems

Most modern office telephone systems are wired into servers and the web as a whole. Get the settings wrong and you could find that calls won’t come through, or that some features (like videoconferencing) are unavailable. That’s not going to help you win customers or keep your team connected.

#4 Recurring Error Messages

Ignoring recurring error messages on computers and devices is like looking away when the “check engine” light comes on in a car or truck. It might push the problem away for a few days but you’re only going to end up with a bigger issue later. You are much better off having a trained IT professional get to the root of the problem and solve it.

#5 Mobile Device Setup

So many lingering small business tech issues stem from devices that were never properly set up. This kind of thing happens a lot, particularly in companies where employees can bring their own devices. It’s also a problem we see frequently when devices are changed from one employee or location to another. The solutions are usually simple, but they do require the right technical knowledge.

#6 Digital File Storage

If you aren’t keeping digital records – or can’t properly search or access the ones you do – then you might want help from an IT professional who can sort out the mess. After all, there isn’t any point in keeping files and documents if they aren’t secure and searchable.

#7 Helpdesk Support

You and your employees should have someone to turn to when you need an answer to a tech-related question. An all-hours helpdesk, staffed by trained IT professionals, is the perfect solution, particularly if it’s included in your existing managed services plan.

Tired of Struggling With Routine IT Issues?

If you’re tired of dealing with the kinds of issues on this list – or need help with major projects like data security or backup and disaster recovery – our team of specialists can help. Contact Fantastic IT to schedule a free consultation today!