Ask the average business owner or executive what the theme of 2020 has been so far and they might tell you “chaos.” That’s certainly true, but there are also some lessons we are learning – particularly in the world of IT and managed services.

One of the biggest takeaways from our end has been the importance of having a good backup and disaster recovery plan in place. After all, we’ve seen a pandemic, riots in several cities, and worry about the first hurricane of the season. Amazingly, each of these arrived before the part of the year when we typically worry about major storms, tornadoes, lightning strikes, electrical surges, and other more predictable troubles.

All of this should tell you one thing: that no matter how large or small your business is, you need to protect it from the unknown. Let’s look at a few things we’ve been telling our clients lately…

There are Plenty of Disasters to Go Around

Very few people would have come close to predicting the kind of trouble we’ve seen so far in 2020. However, many years of work in IT has taught us there is always something right around the corner.

From snowstorms to heavy rains, leaking offices, poor ventilation, rolling blackouts, and a host of other problems, every year and season brings its own headaches. Each time one of these disasters creeps up, large or small, companies across the U.S. lose their tech. Some even go out of business. The circumstances change, but the risks are always there.

Not All Disasters Make Front Page News

It’s not hard to look around right now and imagine a situation where you might lose access to computers, communications, or data. However, for every company that’s been wiped out by a riot or tornado, there are dozens of others being affected by employee errors, personnel absences, and faulty hardware.

Even if you’ve had great luck in the past, don’t assume you’ll never need a backup and disaster recovery plan. If you stay in business long enough your good fortune is bound to run out.

Preparation is Easy and Inexpensive

There are a lot of excuses business owners and executives make when they get caught flat-footed on backup and disaster recovery. Most will claim they didn’t have the time to prepare for an emergency or couldn’t afford high-level IT support.

Neither of these makes for a very good explanation, particularly when the profitability of a business is on the line. Having a backup and disaster recovery plan in place is easy and inexpensive, especially if you have a committed vendor helping to guide you through the steps. Your employees, vendors, and future self are all counting on you to prepare for the inevitable, so don’t drop the ball on your backup and disaster recovery strategy.

Do You Have the Right Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan in Place?

If you aren’t sure how protected your business and technology are from threats that might be around the corner, you need to speak to a member of our team today. Reach out to Fantastic IT so we can schedule a free consultation and put your mind at ease.