In the old days of technology – for virtually anything associated with your business – the way to get the products and services you needed was easy. First, you ordered them, then you paid for them, and finally, you waited until you need something else, or a newer and better version came out. If things were particularly expensive you might even have to finance them over a long period of time.

In recent years, though, that way of doing business has gone out of style. Business owners, executives, and the vendors who serve them have all come to realize that subscriptions offer affordability, predictable billing, and access to better tech. 

Could subscriptions help you save lots of money in your IT budget? Let’s look at three areas where that might be the case…

#1 Cloud Software

Software packages can be expensive, particularly if you have a large team or use any kind of specialized applications. A single license might cost thousands of dollars, or even many times that. Even worse, you could find yourself putting off upgrades or using versions of complementary programs that aren’t compatible.

 When you access cloud-based software, though, all of these problems go away. Not only do you know exactly what you will be paying on a monthly or yearly basis, but you are instantly upgraded to the latest version whenever it’s released. Even better, cloud software packages are almost always much less expensive than their legacy counterparts.

 #2 Equipment Leases

 It used to be that upgrading your servers or networking equipment could be tens of thousands of dollars in unexpected expenses. The alternative, though, was living with slow email, and databases that lagged, along with other productivity issues.

As with cloud software subscriptions, however, equipment can now be leased. In fact, some companies will let you use hardware and data space that’s continuously monitored in a secure facility. Whether it’s in your office or another location, the benefits of having constant access to the industry’s fastest hardware without needing to shell out a huge amount of capital every few years can be significant.

 #3 Monthly Managed Services

 The same thing that’s happened to hardware and software has occurred within the IT industry. Namely, clients have been trading in large, unexpected invoices for smaller monthly bills. In this case, it’s through managed services agreements, which are like “subscriptions” to proactive IT care.

 Imagine having your tech team look after all your hardware and software for a flat fee, preventing problems from affecting your business. What would that do for your productivity and cash flow? Start thinking about those possibilities and you’ll realize the power of a good managed services agreement.

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