Most business owners come to understand they are much better off when they have a competent and certified IT team looking after their computers. But what about the other devices you and your employees use to keep your company running?

Whether you realize it or not, your managed services agreement should cover all your devices. That includes workstations, printers, and service, of course, but it also means looking after things like phones and tablets.

These smart devices shouldn’t be an afterthought in your IT coverage or technology strategy. After all, more than half of us use mobile tools to access the internet. They are becoming a bigger and bigger part of our daily work routines. And, they bring with them unique capabilities and concerns. That’s especially true given that more and more companies are adopting a “bring your own device” policy that lets employees work from their own iPhones, Kindles, and Galaxy products.

To help you understand why you need an IT partner who looks after all your technology, let’s take a look at some concerns that are specific to the phones and tablets that are so often overlooked…

Full Mobile Functionality

If you’re going to spend money on mobile devices then doesn’t it make sense to ensure they work the way they are supposed to? Why have these tools in your business if you aren’t going to make the most of them?

From initial set up and training to ongoing support, our trained team of technicians will work with you to ensure every phone and tablet you and your employees use is working properly. And, we’ll ensure you have all the apps and advice you need to support your bigger business goals.

Reliable Device Performance

Today’s mobile devices are designed to be incredibly simple to use. Engineers spend countless hours arranging interfaces that can be managed quickly with just a couple of fingers and mastered almost immediately.

The downside to the simplicity, though, is that it can be frustrating to diagnose and correct problems. Rather than work around them or just settle for being unproductive, our clients are able to get the hands-on expert help they need quickly. That means more reliability on all their devices, and less time trying to fix small and annoying problems.

Data Security

As more and more business is being conducted through mobile devices, hackers are paying closer attention to potential exploits they find in phones, tablets, and new browsers or operating systems.

The threats from hackers and thieves are only expected to increase in the near future. Savvy business owners and executives are staying ahead of the curve by hiring IT partners who will be proactive in identifying potential online security risks and making sure mobile devices aren’t vulnerable.

Technology Costs and Budgeting

When you don’t have a good IT budgeting strategy in place it’s easy to find yourself paying more than you should for mobile devices (not to mention support for them).

One of the cornerstones of our approach is getting to know the companies we work with and helping them to align their technology plans with an overall business strategy. That includes careful budgeting for devices, maintenance, and future upgrades.

Ready to Get Smart About IT Support?

At Fantastic IT, we are Southern California’s premier technology support provider for small and medium-sized businesses. If you want to learn more about what we can do for you – and look into a smarter way to manage all your company’s IT needs – we hope you’ll contact us today to set up a free consultation.