If you’ve been looking through our website then you are probably already familiar with the way a managed services agreement works for IT (and if you aren’t, do some more research; it could save you lots of money and hassle). What you might not be familiar with, however, is our newer managed cyber security programs.

Essentially, they work in the same way as a managed services agreement. For a set regular fee you get access to the top data security minds and tools. It’s a way to get the best online protection for your business without getting huge invoices every time apps are updated or released.

But do you need managed cyber security for your business? A great deal depends on your organization and situation, of course, but here are a few tell-tale signs…

You Work in a Specialized Field With Sensitive Data

If your business requires you to handle sensitive data, like healthcare or financial information, then data security should be a top priority. The same applies if you serve companies with those requirements. That’s because your customers and clients might be required to find partners who adhere to tough industry standards.

A single data breach can destroy your reputation, and indeed put you out of business. Don’t leave things to chance when you could put an affordable managed cyber security plan in place quickly.

You Have Been Targeted by Hackers in the Past

It’s unfortunate, but we often hear from business owners and CEOs about managed cyber security after they have been targeted by hackers, or perhaps been the victims of a ransomware attack. That’s not ideal, but late is certainly better than never.

If your company has already been targeted by thieves, or if others in your industry have been victimized by cyber crimes, then you shouldn’t wait to act. Upgrade your online security today and stay ahead of the threats that might lurk just over the horizon.

You’re Worried About Data Security Going Forward

To be fair, this can apply to almost any business. That’s sort of the point. We live in a world where almost all companies are dependent on the internet for communications and operations. And yet, we’ve also reached a point where it’s harder than ever to keep data safe.

The costs of protecting your company and reputation with a managed cyber security plan are minimal. You can get started with a single phone call and the expense is unlikely to affect your budget in a significant way. Put things off, though, and you could be facing a major (and public) embarrassment when your business is targeted by thieves online. Why take the risk?

It’s Easier Than You Think to Protect Your Company

You don’t have to become a tech expert or spend a fortune to keep hackers and thieves away from your company – you just need the right cyber security option as part of your regular managed IT plan. To find out more, or to get a quote to protect your business, contact Fantastic IT today!