If you have spent any amount of time on our blog, or talking with our team, then you probably already know that cybersecurity is a big topic for us and our clients. From firewalls to secure passwords and backup files, there are a lot of details to stay on top of. That’s probably why so many business leaders fail to recognize the threats posed by apps downloaded to company devices. 

Lately, app developers have been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Consumer advocates, security experts, and media investigators have all uncovered dozens of instances where bits of code were being used to “borrow” things like images, passwords, and internet histories.

You shouldn’t wait for a similar incident to occur in your business before making some changes to your app policy. Let’s look at a few smart suggestions you might want to follow…

Treat Apps Like Software

Most people know not to open suspicious attachments. However, they’ll download and install an app without giving it much thought. They assume something with a small, cute icon couldn’t be very dangerous. Unfortunately, apps are little pieces of software like any other. That means you have to pay attention to where they come from, what they do, and even what sort of terms are listed in their user agreements if you want to be safe. Don’t just assume you won’t have to worry about problems with apps; that’s how companies get themselves into trouble.

Set a Company Policy

Knowing that apps are software, and potentially dangerous to your company, you should have a policy for dealing with them. In particular, you might want to prohibit certain apps from being used on the company’s network, or from being downloaded to devices owned by your organization. Of course, for these policies to have any effect you’ll need to let your team know what they are and why they are being put into place. You might also want to send out periodic warnings and reminders.

Monitor Usage the Right Way

Your employees don’t want to be spied on, and you don’t have to watch their every move. However, you can use monitoring and help desk services to have experts watch the flow of traffic around your servers and look for unusual trends. Often, cyberattacks come with telltale signs that give them away before serious damage is done. It’s not as good as preventing the wrong download in the first place, but it’s an important step towards minimizing the damage.

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