The world is going wireless, and has been for some time. Most of us have gone from being amazed at the things we can do with computers, phones, and apps to wondering how we can do all of these things while cutting cords and other physical connections. From Bluetooth headsets to watches and tablets, we want our tech to be integrated but not actually plugged in.

Wireless tech is trendy and convenient. It can even be safer, since it stops people from tripping over cords and knocking over items unintentionally. As with all things, though, it can be easy to waste time and money on the wrong devices. With that in mind, today we want to give you a handful of tips you can use to get the most from your business wireless tools…

Buy for the Uses You Need
This feels like a strange piece of advice for us to give, but we would remind you that you don’t always have to upgrade to the latest wireless device. In fact, there are some situations where headsets and other tools are much more reliable and affordable if you keep the cords.

The point to be made here isn’t to skip out on the wireless revolution, of course, but to be smart and intentional with your purchases. In other words, think about how you actually use your tech so you can make savvy buying decisions.

Take Care of Charges and Firmware Updates
Often, when clients contact us with wireless device issues they eventually come down to one of two things: either the employees aren’t charging the devices properly (or enough), or they haven’t gotten the latest firmware updates.

In either case, you could find yourself with wireless tech that won’t stay connected or work the way it’s supposed to. Some tools and features might go missing. You can avoid these problems by keeping things plugged in at night and updated to the latest versions.

Manage Your Apps
It’s always crucial that you manage both the hardware and software parts of the equation. So, while checking for firmware updates regularly is a requirement, so too is managing the apps on your devices to ensure they are compatible with the wireless tools you are using.

Apps need to be chosen carefully, and upgraded from time to time as well. Don’t overlook these details or your wireless gear might not be as reliable as you might like.

Treat Your Wireless Tech with Care
We often find that employees and managers will leave things like headsets, phones, and peripheral devices lying around. Occasionally we find them disassembled in desk drawers, or sitting in hot cars. None of these is going to help with performance or reliability.

We realize it’s easy to overlook the daily care of your tech, particularly when you’re talking about small items you use frequently. However, unless you want to replace and upgrade them again and again, it’s a good idea to treat them like the fragile tools they are.

Use Tech to Work the Way You Want
Far too many small and medium-sized businesses follow a tech strategy that is based on chance. However, the tools that unlock productivity and efficiency are too important for you to discover them accidentally. A good outsourced IT team can help you evaluate your business and find the devices and apps you need to improve your workflow and your bottom line. 

Contact the tech experts at Fantastic IT in Southern California today to see how we can help. Your initial consultation is always free, and you might be amazed at what we can do to help you move your company forward!