Although many of our new clients don’t necessarily realize it, providing training to business owners and employees is an important part of what we do. Naturally, we don’t try to turn them into technical experts. However, by showing some simple tips and procedures, we can help them avoid huge problems and save tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

What sort of things could your team learn from our IT experts? Let’s look at a few examples…

The Right Way to Use New Technology
It’s one thing to know that your business could profit from investing in new technology, and another thing to actually realize those gains. That’s because you and your team have to know how to use tools properly in order to get value from them.

Things like apps, mobile devices, new workstations, and point-of-sale systems are often wasted because not enough team members know how to use them correctly. If you want to ensure everything you spend money on is configured the way it should be, and that you and your employees have the knowledge needed to make the most of them, a good IT vendor can help.

How to Treat Hardware and Software
In our business there are countless horror stories of people destroying expensive technology because they don’t know any better. These include things like past clients putting magnets on the sides of servers or running smartphones and tablets in dishwashers.

These might seem like obvious mistakes to you, but there are lots of more subtle ways to damage or destroy hardware and software. With the right training, you and your team will know everything you need to avoid these kinds of frustrating mistakes.

The Best Ways to Spot Online Scams
One feature of online scams is that they are becoming more sophisticated. It isn’t uncommon to find that clients have fallen for something like a phishing email or ransomware demand simply because it looked so authentic. Once that happens, of course, it’s only a matter of time before hackers have taken tens of thousands of dollars from your company.

With the right training, business owners and employees are far less likely to miss the warning signs of an online scam. Why not get the training you need to look out for obvious problems with emails, phone calls, and other offers before it’s too late?

Is Your Team Making Expensive Technology Mistakes?
With the right tools and learning, major IT blunders should be rare. However, when your team members don’t necessarily know what they are doing, it’s much more likely they’ll make the sort of mistake that will ruin an expensive piece of equipment, lead to unplanned downtime, or even allow hackers to break into your company’s data.

Given that you can get the training you need and get expert-level care for all your technology, why wouldn’t you make the choice to stay protected? Contact Fantastic IT in Los Angeles today to learn more about our affordable packages and how we can help your business.