As we come to the tail end of a wild year, most of the business owners and executives we deal with are having mixed emotions. On the one hand, they are glad 2020 is coming to a close, given that it has brought unexpected troubles and wild economic swings. But on the other hand, there isn’t any guarantee the next year is going to be easier.

From our perspective, that means lots of clients are asking us the same thing: how should we manage our IT strategies and budgets for an uncertain 2021? There isn’t a single answer that applies to everyone, of course, but here are some good ideas to consider…

This Might Not be the Best Time to Hire In-House Staff

If you aren’t sure what the future of your business looks like, at least for the next few months, then it might not be a great time to bring on new IT staff members. Obviously, hiring personnel locks you into payroll, training, and benefit costs. But it’s just as important to note that IT specialists sometimes take a while to get up to speed. So, no matter how you look at it you might be better off outsourcing some of your needs until things stabilize.

You Should Review Upgrade Plans Carefully

In the same way, you might not want to make fast hiring decisions, neither should you be in a rush to upgrade your current equipment if things are looking shaky. For example, you might be used to replacing your sales team’s laptops every three years. But, in this environment it could be smarter to have your IT partner get existing equipment running like new and simply keep what you have for the time being. 

Shorten Your Strategic Window if it Makes Sense

It doesn’t seem like anyone really saw what was coming this year, and the most honest economists and analysts would tell you they aren’t sure what 2021 will bring, either. Knowing that, this could be a good time to shorten your strategic window in all areas of your company, and especially with regards to technology. While we normally want our clients thinking years into the future, for the moment you might just worry about what your needs look like for the next six months.

Take Advantage if You’re in the Right Position

While a lot of the advice we’ve given is aimed at business owners who are trying to figure things out in a tough market, we know there are others who have not seen their companies affected severely by the current pandemic or economy. If you’re in a strong position then you can take advantage by locking in tech upgrades, subscriptions, and even talented employees. It’s a buyers’ market out there, so this might be your chance to get ahead without breaking the bank.

Want Help Making Good IT Decisions?

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