If you’re reading this, there is an excellent chance that you (or possibly your employees) are trying to adjust to a work-at-home schedule that you never anticipated. With millions of us being ordered by employers and government officials to stay at home, the sense of what a “normal workday” looks like is rapidly changing.

For many, this will feel like an enormous shift. However, there are a lot of freelancers and self-employed professionals out there who have been earning a living from home for years. We reached out to one of them to get his advice on staying productive when commuting to work means walking into another room or setting up shop at the kitchen table. Here were his best pieces of advice…

Set a Firm Work Schedule

Many people struggle to get anything done while they’re at home simply because they feel like they are at home. To break through this mental deadlock, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to set firm office hours. Get up, have a shower, and get dressed (even if it’s just casually) like you would for a  normal workday. You’ll feel more productive and be apt to take things more seriously.

Control Your Environment 

You probably don’t have complete control over your home working environment, and may be distracted by kids, pets, or even spouses or partners. However, there are things you can do to make things quieter and less chaotic. Set up a sign announcing your “at work” hours (see above). Turn off phones and TVs, and close your window if you need to. By shutting off the outside world you can accomplish more in less time – which frees you up to enjoy the fact that you’re home.

Invest in Your Own Comfort

It’s much, much easier to get to work in your home office when you have the right tools and toys to play with. Things like a faster computer, a larger monitor, a telephone headset, and comfortable chair are all great investments if you can afford them. Not only will they make you more apt to actually sit down and be productive, but you can also reduce fatigue and stress with the right ergonomics. The more time you spend in your home office, the more important it becomes to invest in your own health and comfort.

Give Yourself the Tools to Succeed

If there were tools you had in your office but don’t have at home – for instance, an important piece of software – then you might consider virtual workspace software that allows you to login to a company workstation from a remote location. Few things are as frustrating as having multiple workarounds to finish simple everyday tasks. Trying to streamline the process by bringing access to key files and applications home with you so they are at your fingertips when you need them.

Need Help Setting Up One or More Home Offices? 

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