Most of the time, we use our blog to promote our managed services work, which lets us provide small and medium-sized businesses with regular IT care for a low monthly fee. It’s like having a full in-house technology department that just happens to be outsourced, saving you huge amounts of money on salaries, benefits, etc.

However, today we want to point out that not all of our work is ongoing. Sometimes clients call us because they need IT help with a special situation. That work might be in addition to regular IT care or as a standalone project.

What sort of things might we be able to help you and your business with? Clients frequently call us when they are… 

Moving to a New Office or Facility 

When it’s time to move your tech to a new location, leave it to the experts. Not only can we speed the process up, but we can ensure everything is configured safely and correctly so you can hit the ground running in your new office or facility. Besides, what better time to start taking care of your computers and devices than when you’re upgrading to a bigger and better space? 

Expanding to a New Location 

The same goes for expanding your business to a new location (or several). In addition to the normal technology setup for a brand-new space, you may have certain systems or processes that either need to be duplicated or synced with one another. That’s where a team of tech experts like ours comes in. We can help sort out any challenges and keep all of your team members working together on the same page. 

Hosting a Unique Event

There are a lot of different events that might require specialized technology assistance. For instance, trade shows, public demonstrations, concerts, fundraisers, and corporate meetings all scream out for good IT support. After all, it can be difficult to get hardware and software working perfectly in a short period of setup time. The last thing you want is to experience tech hiccups in a public way or in front of an important audience.

Needing Personalized Advice or Consultation

Sometimes business owners and executives contact us when they have tough choices to make but lack the in-house technical expertise to make the right call. We can help them to sort through their options, generate realistic budgets, and find the answers that make sense for a particular situation or challenge. Whether you need personalized tax advice or a fresh pair of eyes to deal with an IT problem, our experts are ready to step in.

Need IT Answers? Fantastic IT Can Help!

There are a lot of different ways to get the hardware and software support your business needs. At Fantastic IT, we offer them all… and with the combination of fast, friendly service and technical expertise that has made us one of the country’s fastest-growing firms. 

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