We have spent a lot of time in the last few months helping our customers and clients to adapt to the Covid-19 economy. Today we want to take a different track and remind you there is something you can do during this difficult period that will help your business grow, both this fall and for years to come, and it has very little to do with technology.

So what is this low-tech sales and marketing solution?

Customer relationship building. If your company is running more slowly than it has in the past – or if your customers are dealing with particularly acute challenges – this is the time to invest more in getting to know their wants and needs. Whether you pick up the phone, jump on a video call, or enjoy a socially distanced cup of coffee, here are a few things you should try…

Talk to Your Customers a Little Longer Than Normal
Most of us find ourselves in a rush pretty often. That doesn’t mean it’s the way it should be, though, or that it’s good for business.

One of the few bright spots of having lockdowns around the country was that many of us were forced to spend quality time with our loved ones and we discovered that it was what we needed all along. If business is slow you could try to do the same with your customers. Instead of rushing through quick conversations, see if you can book some longer consultations or brainstorming sessions.

Ask Questions That Lead to Breakthroughs

“When you ask better questions, you get better information.” We’ve all heard that timely piece of business wisdom, but as we already mentioned it’s easy to fall into a rapid-fire routine when you’re busy.

If you’re going to take some extra time with your customers and prospects, why not find out everything you can about the challenges and opportunities they are facing? Jot down some questions – along with follow-up questions – that will uncover the kinds of details you might not get during a quick chat. Find out what they really want and need from a company like yours, or just how they are coping with the difficult year so far. You may or may not learn something that will help you close more business in the short-term. Either way, you’ll come out of the exercise with a better working relationship.

Look Ahead to the Future of Your Business
If you follow the first two steps we’ve outlined, you’ll have a much better understanding of your market than you did before. You’ll know what buyers are responding to, what types of offers and messages they are ignoring, and the reasons why.

In order to make that pay off, you’ll need to take what you’ve learned and look into the future. Ask yourself how you can better serve your market in a week, a month, and a year. Think about what could happen if the pandemic drags on, and how you would want to be positioned if it were to end tomorrow. Run through this exercise a few times and you’ll find that you can sense where the market is moving. That makes you indispensable your customers and a huge threat to your competitors.

Is Your Company Leading in 2020, or Just Hanging On?
The unpredictable nature of the year we are living through has shown which companies are leading the way as innovators and which are falling behind… or barely hanging on. If you feel like you’re constantly trying to catch up with your competitors, rather than setting the tone yourself, we can help.

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