Suppose you have 100 employees working in your business. That means you probably need 100 computers, or possibly 100 tablets, right? Maybe and maybe not.

Forget for a moment that we are making small assumptions to work out the math – each employee might not actually need a workstation, some might need two devices to fill their job role, etc. What we are really getting at is the question of whether you need to have spare computers or devices around.

Intuition would normally suggest that you shouldn’t. After all, businesses can’t afford to waste money, especially smaller ones that are just getting off the ground. So as a rule of thumb owners, entrepreneurs, and CEOs will try to get by with as little as they can.

However, there is a case to be made for having at least a few extra computers and devices ready to use when needed. Let’s look at a few of the reasons why…

Equipment Does Sometimes Break

Sometimes having the right amount of tech equipment isn’t enough. That’s because thefts, breakages, and accidents happen every day. If your business is large enough to support the cost and store the hardware, then it can pay to have a few spare devices on hand to use if and when they are required. That way you can lose minutes of productivity instead of days.

You Could Need Spares for a Special Event

It’s easy to imagine a scenario in which you might want separate, dedicated computers or devices for a specific task. For instance, if you are sending your team to a tradeshow, a job fair, or a major presentation to meet with a client or they could need equipment that’s outside of their normal range. In those instances having the right tack could mean the difference between closing the sale (or adding a new team member) versus having the opportunity get away.

What You Use Could Stop Being Sold

Imagine for a moment that your team is reliant on a certain type of computer or device. If it stops being sold by the manufacturer then you could be forced to upgrade to a newer model. That might not make sense if you only need one or two and don’t want to replace everything or risk having equipment that isn’t compatible. Having a couple of spares could make all the difference.

So Do You Really Need Spares for Your IT Department?

Perhaps the example situations we have given resonate with you. Or, you might think that you are unlikely to be affected by any of these issues. Depending on the size of your business, and how heavily you rely on computers and devices, it might be something to think about.

One other factor to keep in mind is that you don’t necessarily have to buy the spare equipment you need. You may be able to lease additional computers or devices at a low rate as part of your managed services agreement. In fact, it’s a good idea to talk to your provider about a tech backup plan in case you ever need one.

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