There are a lot of mistakes business owners and managers make when it comes to technology. It’s unfortunate that the most common also tends to be the one that’s easiest to avoid – deciding to “fix” their own hardware software instead of calling a professional.

It’s easy to understand why people decide to undertake DIY IT projects. There are lots of little annoyances that seem like they can be repaired by turning a device off and then on again. And, calling an outsourced IT team for assistance might mean generating another invoice, or possibly discovering additional problems that will have to be fixed.

In the end, though, getting help from an IT professional is almost always the smart choice. If you’re thinking about fixing your own business technology, here are a few things we would advise you to consider first…

Employee Errors are a Top Cause of Hardware Failure
When owners and employees decide to “fix” problems on their own, it often leads to bigger issues later. In fact, these types of situations are a leading cause of hardware failure and can invalidate warranties on hardware of software packages you’ve invested in.

Most businesspeople simply don’t realize how sensitive things like servers and hard drives really are. One small mistake, a slight scratch, or static electricity shock can ruin tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of hardware in a split second. Why take the chance?

“Quick Fixes” Can Lead to Long-Term Problems
There are lots of quick fixes and five-minute solutions to IT errors that can be found on the internet. That’s great for the business owner or manager who wants to save time and money. There are only two problems: some of the solutions don’t work (or only work for very specific issues), and some cause the symptoms to disappear without fixing the actual problem.

In other words, following a set of tips that stops you from seeing an error message can end up ruining your tech later. Or, they can persuade you to change settings you don’t understand, leading to data loss, security issues, and a decline in network performance.

Good IT Care Costs Less Than DIY Problem-Solving
Sometimes, we are called to a business or office by an exasperated supervisor who admits to having spent hours on the problem already. That’s not a good use of time or resources, given that your team is already probably very busy with their own jobs and responsibilities.

When you factor in productivity losses together with the fact that monthly service plans with a reliable IT partner cost less than business owners tend to think, it’s easy to see why fixing your own technology can become prohibitively expensive. You get less than you expect, and pay more – in terms of time, stress, and device replacement – than you could ever hope to save on a vendor’s invoice.

Need a Knowledgeable, Friendly, and Affordable IT Partner?
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