Most of the California business owners we work with agree that the cloud is exciting and know that you can use it to cut technology costs while accomplishing more than ever before. What many of them aren’t quite sure about, though, is exactly how these savings and gains show up in the real world.

In truth, there are dozens upon dozens of ways you can use cloud technology to make your business stronger and more efficient. Today, we want to focus on the aspects of the cloud that allow you to enhance employee productivity. That way, you’ll have a better idea of why the cloud is so powerful, and how we can use it to help you cut your IT budgets without sacrificing security, performance, or reliability.

Here are just a few of the things you can do to get more from your team when you make use of the cloud in your company…

Enjoy Less IT Downtime

Good IT vendors (like our team) use 24/7 remote monitoring to keep an eye on the hardware and software our clients are using. That means we can spot issues before they become full-fledged problems and keep the businesses we work with running without errors or stoppages. Having your email or phone systems fail costs your business money. With cloud monitoring in place, that doesn’t have to happen. A big part of cloud technology is just ensuring your existing systems work the way they are supposed to.

Set Your Employees Free

If your business is like most of the others we work with, you probably have employees who take work home with them or need to communicate while they are on the road. Using cloud apps, you can not only communicate with your employees while they’re out of the office, but also keep them filled in on projects, customer contacts, and reports without having to send messages back and forth. When everyone on your team is connected, it’s easier to get things done.

Bring Departments, Locations, or Vendors Together

The same solutions that make it possible for you to stay in touch with your employees can also be used to keep entire departments and locations working together. In fact, you can use file-sharing, project management, and messaging systems to patch in managers or vendors as needed. That way, your company can function as a cohesive unit no matter how big you get or how ambitious your goals. Real-time collaboration can be a big benefit, particularly if you have lots of data that’s updated on a continuous basis.

Host Interactive Meetings

You probably use a number of cloud-based communications apps already. However, most of our clients aren’t aware of just how much they can accomplish with VOIP telecommunications, video conferencing, and webinar solutions. You can host interactive meetings, give online sales presentations, or even train new team members from any screen at any time. The technology is there, you just need the right tools to match apps and hardware to your needs.

Want to Learn More?

Technology available to small businesses is moving faster than ever. That means there are more opportunities to increase employee productivity and save money, but also that the hidden costs are higher than ever for companies that don’t keep up.

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