With the coronavirus pandemic still at the front of many decision-makers’ minds, the upcoming U.S. elections provide a logistical challenge: how to let millions of people safely vote while maintaining social distancing measures?

Given that we live in a digital age, a switch to full or partial online voting seems like an obvious solution. And yet, many policymakers – and more than a few cybersecurity experts – think we haven’t yet reached the point where encrypted voting systems can be counted on.

Whether they are isn’t actually all that important (at least not for the purposes of our blog). What matters is that many authorities in the field see shortcomings and blind spots in a technology that businesses rely on every day. So, what can the debate around internet voting tell you about cybersecurity and your organization?

Here are a few conclusions we think you should draw and consider…

All Web Connections Carry Risks

The biggest concern experts have about online voting – and a valid point – is that any web-connected device can be at risk for hacking. That’s true of a server, a laptop, or even a tablet. Executives sometimes forget this and assume they are covered because their “main” computers and devices are being monitored. Don’t leave weak spots for thieves to exploit in your technology setup.

Updates are Valuable Necessities

Due to the way voting machines are set up, they are often running outdated versions of operating system software. This exponentially increases their vulnerability to hacking and other sorts of foul play. While your business probably isn’t running Windows 95, you might be holding onto older versions of specific apps for the sake of convenience or savings. That’s a bad idea if you want to keep your data safe.

Backup and Monitoring are Key

Another challenge to do with online voting comes down to the fact that it involves a flurry of real-time activity that would be hard to manage and decipher. Your company may deal with something similar around the holiday shopping season. Only professional monitoring, helpdesk, and backup services can keep you protected in that kind of hectic environment.

Security is Always Evolving

There may be a point where online voting is fast, convenient, and secure, but cybersecurity experts say we aren’t there yet. Your organization doesn’t have the luxury of turning back the clock or having customers and vendors show up in person when they need something from you. So, your best move is to embrace the latest tools and best practices so you can make sure your sensitive data is encrypted and protected every day.

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