If you have spent any amount of time on our blog in the past, then you’ll already know that we encourage potential outsourced IT clients to contact us for a free consultation to see if we are a good fit. Many of the other vendors in our industry do the same thing. In speaking with business owners and executives, we have learned that not all of these “consultations” from the competition are actually that useful.

That got us thinking: what should a free IT consultation actually look like? Here are three things we feel should be non-negotiable…

#1 Free Should Actually Mean Free

We have heard of IT consultations that were touted as being “free,” or “no-obligation” right until the point where the real work began. Then, the vendors in question wanted a fee or deposit to give any information or insight that would be useful or actionable.

To be sure, no technology company can afford to do huge amounts of work before they have been retained, and most won’t want to take on any liabilities associated with repair work until they have been hired. However, we firmly believe that free should mean exactly that. When we give a consultation, it’s a chance to share what we know, and what we can do for our clients, without asking for anything except their time in return.

#2 A Consultation is Not a Sales Pitch

You’ve probably fallen for this one before. Some IT vendors offer “consultations” that feel like timeshare presentations. Who wants to sign up for that?

A consultation should be a session where problems, ideas, and solutions are discussed. Certainly, you can expect an IT vendor (our company included) is going to ask for your business if they think they can help you. That shouldn’t be the only point of the meeting, though. When we send our team out, the first priority is to come up with strong answers. In our experience, that’s the best way to actually get business owners and executives interested in what you have to offer.

#3 You Should Get Value for Your Time

We have alluded to this already, but a consultation from an IT vendor shouldn’t be something you dread, nor should it be an item you just check off a list. If you’re serious about getting better guidance, service, and maintenance for your technology. then that should begin from the first second you get together.

We give business owners and executives value for their time by showing them how they can do more in their businesses, save money, or get rid of annoying problems. If a company you meet with isn’t offering you that level of care, it might be time to take your search elsewhere.

Want a Free IT Consultation That’s Actually Worth Your Time and Attention?

If you need IT answers and solutions for your business that go farther than your average sales pitch, we can help. Contact us today to schedule a time to talk and see what makes our team different. In just an hour we can help you evaluate your current tech set up, break through performance bottlenecks, and find a smarter, more cost-effective path forward.