Everywhere you look, the IT departments in small businesses around America are going extinct. It isn’t that these companies don’t need tech support anymore; instead, they are simply turning to outsourced managed services teams like ours.

This might sound like a bad thing, but it isn’t. It means that business owners and entrepreneurs are getting better care for less money. As we’ve noted many times, it’s almost always less expensive to get quality IT assistance from a trusted vendor than it is to hire and manage tech employees on your own.

Recently, however, we have noticed that it isn’t just cost savings that are pushing business leaders to move away from in-house IT. They like reducing expenses, of course, but what’s really changing things is the focus on the flexibility you get from a managed services agreement.

In today’s post, we want to take a quick look at why that’s so important… and why we think it will continue to be a driving factor in our industry in 2023 and beyond.

The Business World Moves Quickly

If there is anything at all we’ve learned over the past few years, it’s that life and business move quickly. Although it might seem like it has been ages since the pandemic began, we were still in the initial stages just 36 months ago. Then, the economy rallied as America opened back up. And lately, we have been dealing with the uncertain forces of war, inflation, and a possible recession.

The point? It would have been very difficult for even the savviest business owner or executive to make good hiring and capital investment decisions during this time period. By transitioning to outsourced IT assistance, software subscriptions, and other flexible ways of managing technology, the best have been able to increase or decrease spending as needed.

That’s a big deal in any aspect of your business, but it’s particularly important when it comes to managing tech.

Set IT Costs Can Be a Huge Burden (or Sunk Cost)

In other decades, making good IT decisions involved huge investments of time and money. You might have had to purchase expensive servers, for example, or pay heavy recruiting costs to bring in a chief information officer. Now, you can outsource time, equipment, and expertise to firms like ours. That means you can get everything you need while staying nimble and keeping your balance sheet intact.

The entrepreneurs and leaders who have resisted these trends are paying the price. They might be dealing with increasing IT salaries or sunk costs in machines and apps they no longer need. Those are major expenses, and commitments that are hard to break. If you doubt this, just ask anyone who’s trying to sell used computer equipment or keep the company running while laying off members of their technical support team.

In our view, there are those who have learned their lessons from these miscues and those who soon will. It’s much better to be on the right side of a smart business trend than fighting against it and paying more than your competitors.

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